28 March, 2008

03 28 2008~

It is Friday again, one whole week of school days have passed. And everything was fine at school. And today I met a good friend of mine once again, after half a year didn’t see him, he is still the same old him, although his hair looks weird to me xD. Anyway this is not the main point I would like to mention here today…

In these five days, I went home everyday around 4pm except today. She did not ask or say a single thing, I felt weird bout it actually although I did not dare to ask why. I thought she really thinks I could take care of myself, and she needs not to bother those minor things bout me anymore. But now I know I was totally wrong to think that she has finally changed the impression towards me. She did not change, so do I. We still love quarrelling although we did not actually say it to each other. I don’t wish to be cursed, I tried my best to obey her but of course there’s always the ‘fire’ in my heart --- that I really disagree with her. Firstly, I got frustttt over the clothing issue =.=” The same old thing happens again, and this time it got worse. She disallows me to wear this and that to go out, and the worst part of it is that I don’t wish to hear those babblings anymore. Although I might not have the best taste of choosing clothes BUT I really don’t want to wear like a nerd when I go out. At least I am happy to wear what I chose for myself. Like the shirt I bought when I was at Sunway Pyramid with gurlz that time, it came back into my house and she said nice, BUT when one day I took it out from my closet and wore, she scolded as if the world was going to end at the very moment. What a bad luck to the clothes, it was dumped without even a chance to show itself out to everyone. It might be just a small thing to people, but it was as huge as one of the most important thing is my life because appearance gives the first impression to people right? Nowadays, I really don’t feel like going home when I am out, [I enjoyed the moment I had at school] because I hate the naggings. And I don’t feel like going out when I am at home because I hate to change clothes for a million times just to make her happy and myself sad.

{{{ I still can’t get over the BF VS BFF thing. Please stop talking bout us, I knew it }}}

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