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09 November, 2008

Beware .::: This is an EMO post AGAIN. xDD

I am sorry. Don't #you think #you are just selfish? T_T"
I mean #you can't use your friends just because of me...
My guiltiness, #you shall be never experience it...
And...we are plain friends. PLAIN. Yes. Do #you get me?
This coming month is very important to #you,
It makes #you decide what #you will have to do in future.
Don't ruin yourself, your future and your destiny ___please.
Things are not as simple as you think :(
Now there is no longer ABCs in lifes, please. Back off. Now.
And your desire shall not be fulfilled. Forever.
Stop texting me, and I will appreciate it very well :)
Idon'twishtobemean :'( Don'tforcemeto.

There is something that I wanna explain to *you too :(
I have got enough of *you.
I don't wish to talk to *you about it, for *you will never care.
Even if *you do,
there's only part of *you that cares; the only part that ever cares__
Respect me. Please. Don't make me repeat.
If one day I dare not to even go there,
don't blame me, because you are the cause of everything.
I believe you are smart enough to understand what I mean. Full stop.

And about ^you,
^You are sweet, do ^you know that? :)
^You are awesome for catching up with me from time to time,
Allowing to experience your life by myself :)
^You are just great,
But if ^you are placing hopes on me,
:( Then I apologize for making you disappointed__

ღღღ Even the stranger looks sweeter than *you :(

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