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08 December, 2008

^^I am finally back, after a disastrous journey of two days =Xx
I shall tell the details later :)
12 07 2008 is indeed a nice day for marriage :P
Coz' we could see sososo many wedding cars on the road.

Camwhore in car :)

I brought my beloved teddy along,
because it is small enough to fit into my luggage bag xD
Thanks so much to the one who present it to me :)

*Sis' make-up set xD
Preparing herself in the car actually,
for not having enough time to do it at home...

The lazy cacti xD in my cousin grandma' s house...
We went to Raub fetching her over to Bentong :)

*Her enormous compound.. It is quite spacious, in case that the picture couldn't show it anyway =X

四姑姐 ; Me

Ying (cousin) ; Sis ; I

__Hiding in the greens

At noon, we reached the house when the bride has not arrived yet.
So... spent some time photoshooting again xD

My boiiifriend :)

He is cute !! Poor boii for wearing specs at the age of only 5 :(

I ; Papa

Mama ; I

It finally reached after having us waited for an hour =.=

*The atmosphere,
Everyone went into the house actually =/

The bride + bridegroom presenting cups of tea
to my daddy + mummy--- a part of the tradition

My aunt + uncle purposely came back from Singapore :)
The youngsters get red packets from the newly weds too :)

Now it's my turn to receive xD

My father's side's relatives

We finally managed to have our lunch at 3pm after all the traditional ceremonies. I am already half-dead that time =/ To be precise, I am tired lerh, for waiting and waiting for some people whom I don't really know =X

We were back to my granny's residence,
to prepare ourselves for the wedding feast at night..

My attire is basically clothings that Aunt bought from China that day xD

The contra

我 ; 表哥表嫂 ; 姐

*Happy* family :)

*The crowd :)
The restaurant has limited space =X

The bride changed into a pink dress, with relatives on stage
After eating half way, we had got to leave for another wedding dinner of another cousin of mine, at the restaurant nearby here.

我 ; 姐 ; 表嫂表哥 ; 表弟
The newly married couple welcomed us into the restaurant.

They left only few seats for us.
Which means Sis, I and other younger ones have no place to sit at all =.= Dad, Mum and Granny already sat at the V.I.P.s table, leaving us alone :( How dramatic. We were forced to go wandering around, waiting them to finish their dinner. What a planning it is =/

We finally went back to the first restaurant, although everyone was looking at us rudely =X. And continued our meal :( Knowing nothing, my boiifriend's little bro is still so happy here. He is only 2!! ^^

After the scenario, everyone is pretty exhausted,
:( Dad was sleeping soundly___
My aunt told us not to get a room in the hotel [in order not to waste such money], and she got a new unoccupied house as our shelther of the night. So we waited for the key to get in, for 2 hours =.=" Surprisingly, I thought we were the only ones sleeping there tonight...

The kids were _____ [fill in the blank yourself =X].
They were jumping all over the place, made us sitting outside at the living hall till midnight T_T"
Finally at 1am, we managed to get back into the rooms and slept.
I was forced to go separate rooms with Sis :(

*Feeling lonely *sigh*

On the very next morning...
I woke up at 6am, being called by Dad so that we could go to Granny's house earlier to have breakfast =.="

Uncles ; Aunties ; Granny ; Cousins ; Everyone
Gathering around to chit-chat again,
I was still in the midst of dream that moment =X

We were in the restaurant, escaping for a more peaceful environment =X

Visited the greens too :D
:) Iaminto*it

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