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20 February, 2009

The little assessment has finally come to an end =D However, I it could barely make a difference in me for my fast-paced lifestyle would never change until the day I quit everything :O

As I have mentioned previously, I did not study for the exam this time.
It is partly a lie--- because I did study, but only for certain subjects and only for few chapters I selected from the entire syllabus xD [Studying everything is tiring =X].

I don’t mind getting poor results this time, I really don’t. I don’t show much concern when my History marks had shown a sharp decrease compared to the last year’s one. In fact, I am glad that someone who always has prejudice in me indeed offers to add one more for me so that I manage to get an A1.

Thank you Pn. Tan!
I have learnt to always be grateful for what I get, from Kuan (:

Oh did I mention that I have got the worst result ever for Biology? I have never given much thought to how I failed in getting a good result this time, but the fact is that it was the lowest mark I got in my entire life =(

The lesson of the week in PTK is regarding all the questions we have in our assessment. How I’d wish him to provide us those questions before the exam =X. Being asked to give the questions to us earlier, he said that it is actually a good try for us to know our real standards. Yes his words are perfectly true, and I am still below average ):

Oh let’s see the other side of the coin =D--- perhaps it indicates that I should really fall in lve with Biology and study it properly.

Another happy thing happened is that Spellman passed his Chemistry test! This time he does not only pass, but also shows a rapid increase in marks =D

In a long run, getting an A1 for him is not a problem at all, I believe in you, BestieSpell! I actually felt grateful for sharing the joy with him, although I am not the first one to know bout this good news =) Don’t forget our date in Overseas Restaurant xD!! Being your all-weather friend is absolutely my pleasure>

During the week of exam, thanks so much to people who sent me tips everyday LOL!! Thanks also to assholes who bother me with unstoppable text messages. I know these people will only look for me during the exam, when they can make use of me easily. Providing answers, explaining facts and expecting calls had become part of parcel of my job. When they have valuable tips in hand, they’d probably keep in themselves. "Being selfish is a sin, pal!" Shakespeare said so =X. I always wonder if I was born to be the most stupid, dumbest student ever, will you even bother to befriend with me? =)

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