27 April, 2009

=D Intervention II has ended.

According to the book of words, Intervention is the action of intervening to improve a situation. Anyway how do you think bout this exam? --- Something that can improve your situation? Or just another test, which requires you to search for the paper everywhere, spreading it around, or to burn the midnight oil, searching the answers from A to Z?

Awww. I knew this doesn’t work. I knew it was bad enough because I would have nobody or no pre-given paper to rely on during SPM ): It is really the time to make a step, I am lazy that I have had to admit =X But anyway less blogging would be my first, best step to move--- coz’ I really spent way too much time to blog, to edit and upload pictures. Sighhhh…

Byebye Fever and Sorethroat! Thanks to Mr. Murugan’s Panadol and I got much better (: *Although I didn’t have you delivering medicine to my doorstep like how you did few months ago, yet I could recover by my own. I don’t need you anymore, be glad

Goodbye Intervention II too! But… the bad news is Mid-term is just two weeks away from now! Oh how fast time flies. Once again I feel like I am back to my old ordinary life…

You tend to ignore me once again.

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