22 April, 2009

Was busy with studying Editorial job today.
Got scolded by the Teacher X again LOL,
For her information,
I also didn't like last-minute jobs but I had no choice (:

Oh exam?
I didn't study again, coz' I am busy blogging again LOL!
I didn't know why did I loveeeee blogging soooo much during exam week =X Even Spell found me weird to online during this week LoL.
Biology and Physics tomorrow.
I knew I am studying at eleventh hour AGAIN!
I didn't expect much for Biology tomorrow,
perhaps something around 59 like the previous result would be fine to me :(
But luckily there's something I am awaiting for tomorrow!
:D Yep. The bestie's birthday.

*Hope the disaster between *that person and I ends soon

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