28 July, 2009

Am sick. Finally.

The "cili padi" soup. It looks tasty, but do not judge a book by its cover.

I hope the sickness is not because of this, although 3 out of 9 of us who went to Boon Pin's birthday party experienced stomach ache after the night. Luckily I am not the lucky 3 =X

I should have skipped school if I knew that all the lessons before recess were taken care by the Indians who spoke Chemistry language in the hall for hours. They made me starved, starved and STARVED for the whole morning.

They came to make business, as usual.

I didn’t want to show my disrespect by the continuous yawning action, hence left the hall in the midst of the talk.

I totally agreed with Spell --- spending RM95 for something you have already learnt is not worthy. It does not even worth a single penny from your pocket, if you really have a good Chemistry and Physics teacher.

Glad that I have Ms. Christina and Mr. Lim.

The fish is dying.

♥je t'aime; I hate to say this

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