08 May, 2010

Decide the best future for self

The day to decide whether going for Form 6 or Sunway UC is getting nearer. And I just want to give myself more choices, allowing papa and mama to get a real look of the whole private college and environment there, since they hadn’t been there before.

They brought me to INTI College Open Day, at Subang Jaya, right beside Taylor’s UC. Before that, we dropped by to Sunway UC to look around. Yes, just strolling along the campus streets (Some thought we were looking for people = =)

I wanted to do accountings there =/ But now. No. Listen to CheeKuan.
Say NO to CAT in INTI =X

I met the lecturer there, Mr Daniel Lee. He spoke to us about the whole programme and how bright would the future be. Thanks so much for approaching us, but we just skipped his open talk at 2pm =/

My stomach was making so much noise, so decided to go to the food court across the road for lunch.

I came across a Sarawak noodle stall,
making me thought of my friend’s original, delicious and cheap mi kolok in Sarawak.
His was only RM 2.50! I ordered one to try.

And this is mine. Looks like hakka mee right? =.=” RM5.00 somemore.

The sweet tooth is back! My sweet potato and sago dessert

Happy.Happy.Happy :D
I’m glad that I’ve finally made my decision,
Thanks supporters for your votes (;


  1. HEY! study CAT @ Sunway UC! haha! I study here! =)

  2. Glad u have made up ur mind :)

  3. Baboon: hahas, great =) when are you graduating?

    Kelvin: Yeaps! thanks ;D


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