30 September, 2010

Kao Liese Bubble Foam

Ta-daa! Finally it arrives at Malaysia! I saw this in Singapore last year during my family vacation but it costs $ 19.90, meaning RM48.80!

But now I bought this hair dye from Watsons at only RM 37.80 each ;D
Mine is on the left- Chiffon Beige while Sis’s is the right one- Marshmallow Brown.

Here are the stuff included in each box---
Hair cream, colour solution, hair lotion, hair dye guide and a pair of gloves.

No worries, everything is well-prepared for you ;D

Most importantly, it is made in Japan, the most reliable producer ever!

Noobs like me find this guide very useful!

And this too (;

I also bought this Liese hair cocktail @ RM 28.80 each!
Left: Before shaking ; Right: After shaking

It is useful to tame and moisturize dry hair ;D

Easy to be used!

I love you, Kao Liese Hair Product

Available in Watsons, Sasa, Jusco and Guardian! Grab now!

P/S: Will be updating the hair dye process and result soon.
Stay tuned, honeybees.
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