10 January, 2011

14th CNYE Prosperity Banquet @ MMU


Event: 14th Chinese New Year Extravaganza Prosperity Banquet
Date: Friday, 2010 January 7
Time: 7:00pm - 11:30pm
Venue: Grand Hall, MMU Cyberjaya

Our entrance ticket. Thanks for these sponsors!

Our venue of the night, Grand Hall.
It is awesomely spacious, right? A very grand, formal dinner indeed.

Approximately 400 guests at the night :)

VVIP of the night: Dato' Sri Ong Tee Keat (翁诗杰)

The opening ceremony.

--- Yee Sang ;D
Chinese New Year celebration wouldn’t be perfect without this dish

We had 8 dishes and one dessert for the banquet, but too bad I was the waitress for VIP tables for the night, so yeah didn’t manage to have any tempting food pictures for dear readers.

Special guest of the event: Malaysian artist, Yise Lo (罗忆诗)

Left: DJ from oneFM 一号奇兵 ; Right: Yise

She’s pretty like heaven when I had a close look at her! :D

Other performances include this: Wu Shu

Chinese drums, or i-dont-know-what-is-it-called.

Stunning girls of the night :)

Our handmade decoration. LOL.

Not to forget...

Our main decoration of the night:


It’s the Year of Rabbit, so we made a rabbit mascot from newspaper, glue and rattan.

The bunny; After the event, it was immediately being destroyed ;O

The size of this flower decoration is around 12 pieces of mahjong paper.
Spent nights on it by drawing, and smelling the stinking ink LOL :)

Thanks for coming, Blogger! @Henry Tan and FiSh.

Nice working together with these awesome people ;D
Status on one of the tiring days.
Had been sleeping around at least 3am each night to finish everything for this event.

Look at our fingers, 14 right?

Coz' It's our 14th Chinese New Year prosperity banquet :)

It's a really great event with more than 80 people working for it!

At the end of the event, we had great group shots ;D

Hehes. Observe the satisfaction on each of our faces :)

Formal picture of our logistic division.

Finally the event has come to an end. We’ve spent countless hours for the workshops and meetings to make this a successful event. And indeed it is. During these few months, I have learnt so much than I've ever expected.
  • Meeting various people
  • Spending endless nights together
  • Having birthdae celebrations
  • Dinners together
  • Mamak at midnight
  • Da-pao food late at night
There are so much more that we did together :)
And at last,

Thanks for the Memories!
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