23 March, 2011

Ice Room

Bonjour, readers! :D
No worries, I wouldn't stop alluring you with the colorful, tasty food pictures =P

Location of the dae is full of ICE :DD

Here's its main entrance.

The ambience are whole apple-green and pearly white,
which makes you really feel comfy and nice!

I seriously love their concept of being a lovey-dovey, sweet cafe :)

The counter and the employees there;
With a relatively-OK-sized TV for customers to enjoy movies while dining.

Here's the menu.

Ice Room is, of course, famous with its ICE shaves :D

Choose your favourite flavour here!

My favourite blueberry cheese cake :D

With strawberry and chocolate rice as topping.

Roselle Flower Tea
This drink is quite chio :D
Taste a lil sweet and sour. Awesome!

FiSh Fillet with Thousand Island Sauce @ RM 11.90
It's indeed crispy and yummy! :D

Spaghetti with Black Pepper Chicken @ RM 10.90
This is superb! A really nice combination where I didn't try it anywhere else before.

Dried Hakka Chicken Noodle @ RM 6.90
The noodle is way too soft and salty; Not recommended.

Hong Kong Wantan Soup Noodle @ RM 7.90
This is the worst Wan Tan Mee I’ve ever eaten.
Bad taste, bad wantans, bad bowl, bad everything!

P/S: This shop has plenty of branches around Malaysia, do visit 'em! :D

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