12 March, 2011

If life is like a bed of roses.

A big HELLO from my Baby Domo :)
P/S: Bought at Petaling Street @ RM 19.90. Expensive.

I'm sorry for being lazy to update this weblog
although I have a bundle of pending posts to be edited.

Life for this month is...more than just hectic!
It's taking my life bit by bit!

  • Business project a.k.a sales of stuffs: Ongoing.
  • Quizzes: Just passed, coming soon.
  • Midterm: 1 week away.
  • MUET: 3 weeks away.
  • Finals: Two months away.
  • Assignments due dates: 6 more weeks.
  • Tutorials.
  • Photo editing.
These items are already enough to snatch away my whole 24 hours of each day. Now my sleeping time has been changed into 3am to 8.30am, which is so insufficient for me! That's why blogging hasn't been my priority nowadays =/

And this. Another commitment in my life.

My finger is getting thinner and the ring becomes loose day by day. People have been talking about how busy I am, because of him. For God's sake, I'd wish to tell them that the workloads are really making me tremendously exhausted, I hope they could really put themselves into my shoes and understand well.

In fact, my roomie knows the best. She can actually see how busy I was for the past two weeks. And I didn't even get to go home during weekend.

Oh ya. Coming weekends I'll staying on-campus too.

Thank God that I have this fluffy teddy to accompany me each night.
It was really random! ZOMG Only RM 22 by the way! Cheappppppppp! :D

Luckily over the weekend I still have some spare time to travel around for my favourite things.
And here I am, my lovely hometown

Food of the dae will be at:

Kow Po Coffee Shop
2, Bentong Heights,
Bentong, Pahang.

09-222 1258.
Opens daily from 10am – 7pm.
Closes on every alternate Monday.

Two scopes ice cream @ RM 5.50 each.

Pandan, banana, vanilla, durian, chocolate, strawberry and yam are the available flavours.
As usual,
Chocolate is my all-time favourite,
because it is REALLY different from any other chocolate ice-cream on Earth!

You should give it a try someday! :D

Have a nice weekend, peepas!


  1. Wah!Enjoying Kow Po's ais cream after a climb.

  2. really love the ice cream...hehehe

  3. OMG!!! those ice-cream is sooo tempting..

    Recently: tsunami di jepun ~ update photo terkini

  4. lol. so busy still can go travel? go batu cave? =p

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Been busy too :/ nice pics! :D

  7. "Been busy too :/ nice pics! :D"

    RollingFumblingThug here. :D not able to log in to my gmail.

  8. diff from the others chocolate ??? wat da taste lol...how special was it ??? zzz ?? difff ??? oh god ~

  9. ahh i like the domokun pouch XD


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