23 September, 2011

The Colors of Jonker

Welcome to Malacca!
Here we go--- @ Jonker Street of Malacca!
It's the most famous street in Malaysia I guess?
Nobody has never heard of it before, right? :)

If you're driving there, then you must pay RM5 then you can enjoy your stay for the entire day!

With their famous trishaw @ approximately RM 50 per hour! (That's expensive!)

And also Nyonya Dessert stalls all along the streets! :D

I spot this at one of the cafes:

"To Save Water, Drink Coffee"
I hope you get the message from the cafe's owner.

And of course Jonker 88 is the most famous outlet which you MUST visit! :D

Try their signature dishes!
But do make sure that you’re early enough or else they will tell you the food is “Sold Out”!

Seriously this Ah Ma is very fierce. When I was there, she wanted customers to place their order without delaying her business =.="

Her homemade FiSh Ball Soup Noodle.
Quite tasteless actually, nothing much special about this dish.

Nyonya Laksa.
This is absolutely a must-try!
It is kinda unbelievably GOOD, which I shall recommend to you peepa.
Fantastic I should say :)

Inside the stall, there’s another lady selling Pai Tee,
which is quite similar to those I had in Penang.

P/S: The one in Penang is much nicer! :D

If you don’t know what is Pai Tee, figure it out here :)

As I stroll down the street, I found that
such a nice Siew Pow only costs RM 1.30 at Malacca when I always buy it @ RM 1.60 in KL.
25% price difference is a HUGE Difference!

Even the egg tarts here is much cheaper :)

Yummy, crispy skin with egg custard :D

Orange juice and apple juice at some cafe along the street.

At night... This stall is open! :D

This happy boy here is frying the sliced potatoes.

Another man would add on the spice onto the crispy potatoes before serving them.

:D Spicy but super delicious!

Here's the night market at night; Full of people every weekend!
I almost become sardine fish after walking down the entire street.

Enjoy strolling along the Jonker Street at night!

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