09 October, 2011

Klebang Coconut Shake

Here I am today, introducing you another dessert of my choice.
Well, it is basically a beverage which you wouldn't be able to resist!

No, don't scroll down too fast yet!

Now you can see that the whole place is FULL of people, why so?
Simple because of their signature drink: Coconut Shake with Ice Cream! :D

Freshly-plucked coconuts are cut; Flesh and coconut juice are extracted.

Then blend the juice with ice cream.
And finally add another scoop of ice cream on top of the drink!

Sounds simple? Well, the recipe is of course not that simple :P
Anyway it only costs you RM2++ for each cup!
Darn cheap, isn't it? :D

There it says, 'Klebang "Original" Coconut Shake'
Simply because there are plenty of stalls copying their coconut shake recipe,
but too bad this is still most authentic and the best one! :D

Other foodstuff such as nasi lemak, fried noodles, currypuffs, kuih-muih etc are sold here too!
So if you feel like having lunch here, go ahead :)
Make sure you save yourself a seat before ordering the food!

Well, looks can be deceiving :)
It may not look that good, but trust me, it tastes awesome!

Check it out @ Pantai Klebang, Malacca! :D

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