05 November, 2011

ELLEgirl Launch Party

Happy weekend, readers! This weekend makes me feel like slacking; I just browse through "My Pictures" folder in my laptop, and realised I haven't posted the ELLEgirl launch although the event had passed for TWO (2) weeks! This might be considered as an overdue post, but I know you'd still enjoy it :P Have fun reading!

Thank you @Seventeen for the VIP invitation to the launch of ELLEgirl at Sunway Pyramid.
You must be wondering since when there's ELLEgirl outlet in Malaysia. Usually during shopping moments, 
you notice ELLE concept store around you, but now the first ELLEgirl outlet is opened at Sunway Pyramid!

The concourse was decorated by the crews with a white-and-pink theme.
What's about these colours? It's simply sweet, isn't it?

Black top: Ruffrey id; 
Blue bow jeans: Minimaos;
Red sling bag: MOMOE;
Red canvas: Ruffrey id.

I met Jia Yeen there and she looks so tall and slim in this picture! *envy*

Before the event started, VIPs are served with a platter of tea snacks.
The butter crumbles, chocolate vanilla cake, and mini donashi are so colourful!
And the crew even served us with beverages from The Coffee Bean.

The event started off with a dance performance. 
The one in the middle is the emcee of the event; 
So sweet-looking right? I adore your layered skirt!
Look at the crowd; There were so many people present for the event while chairs are so limited there,
we ended up standing around, acting like professional photographers and kept taking pictures :P
Along with the ELLEgirl launch, Seventeen Magazine was having a prizing ceremony for the winner of the year's Cover Girl Search. Take a look at the 7 finalists, and who do you think would win?
It's her, Ms. Lara Sofia! The one on your most right walked away with a hamper from Nature & Co.
Clothes are all sponsored by ELLEgirl, love any piece on them?
How I'd wish to join the Seveenteen Cover Girl Search next year, although I'm no longer 17.
The event was then followed by a fashion show by 9 professional models. Clothes from ELLEgirl are so chio!
Suitable for the cold weather nowadays.

Spice up your attire with bright colours!

Funky and sporty look; Suitable for the active, cheerful-looking you!

Pair 'em up with denim and blue shades!

#5 ELLEgirl Fall Winter Collection - Tea Time Party
I love this combination the most! It's party style, with my favourite colours- Pink and Black. Especially the picture on your most right, it displays lots of fun and dramatic ensembles with bright and fluffy tutu dresses and fancy hat! God, can you grant me a piece of this dress? :)
Last but not least, see what had I brought home.
It's ELLEgirl's goodie bag,
consisting a piece of "iloveELLEgirl" V-neck tee, ELLEgirl recycle bag,
"17rocks" badge and some Nature and Co. products.

Here are the samples from Nature and Co., consisting of four different products, 35ml each.
#1 Pure White Lotion Light
#2 Pure White Milky Lotion Light

#3 Vital Purity Milky Lotion
#4 Vital Purity Lotion

Honestly I don't know how to differentiate them all -.-
Anyone can guide me how to use them?
Here's the ELLE Girl Boutique @ Sunway Pyramid Lot G1.06,
check out all the young and fun-styled clothes by ELLEgirl!


  1. omg.... i was there, i saw da catwalk too... ^^

  2. Hey! You are more beautiful than the 7 finalists of seventeeth.

  3. Nice, very nice... Love your photos.

  4. love the design for the recycle bag.. hehe..
    so cool that u can join such event.. very fun :)

  5. wow! seems so fun!! I like the shirt!! :)

  6. How i wish to join the event too ! Btw, one of the contestant and one of the dancer are my friends.Heeee

  7. oh really? nextime we should go together :D

  8. hahas thanks for ur compliment but i guess the 7 finalists are all very confident and charismatic

  9. hehes nextime invite you over too~

  10. thanks for your compliment! i love the vibrant colors in them too

  11. i love it very much too! next time you should join this :)

  12. the tee looks great right? it was indeed fun!

  13. wow your friends there? then you should have went and support them ^^ 

  14. Elle girl has some pretty good designs this season! Awesome!

  15. I've never been to that kind of event before and I would love to experience it at least once! Not sure if we have that kind of brand here but the stuff are pretty <3

  16. Wow you looked so pretty! Love your jeans, it's so cool~
    arghh and so jealous of your goodie bag! I love free stuff ahaha

  17. tQ for slipping by with your kind comments. Wowie gorgeous legs!

  18. What a great event! The goodie bag is awesome :) I'm an Elle fan too!
    Shirley's Luxury Haven

  19. get 'em at Minimaos.com :) sales now

  20. join this event nextime ^^ nature & co. stuff are good right?

  21. I wan the goodie bag,especially the Nature & CO products^^

  22. ELLEgirl is more suitable for me i guess, hope u love their clothes too!

  23. thanks for ur compliment, xiangjiaoren :D

  24. bow jeans is still available at minimaos online blogshop :) i love free stuff too :P

  25. hope u can find their outlet at your place!

  26. ermm just check their updates frequently ^^

  27. May I know how to join?? Yeah,I like their products^^

  28. size 25? i think they have this size because the cutting is kinda small. im wearing size 26 but i took 27 :) it's fitting me pretty good. 

  29. Ok, saw it in your reply that is from Minimaos, hopefully they have my size, btw, I am quite peony in size too wearing jeans size of 25.

  30. great event with beautiful girls and may I find out where you bought your pants?  I am not whether I will look like a freak wearing it for my age but do wanna give a try.  Been trying for so long to get one.


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