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30 December, 2011

Baby Black.

For the past 5 years, I have been a loyal supporter of Sony Ericsson mobile phone. More than half a year ago, I bought my very first touch screen phone--- Sony Ericsson Xperia X8. If you've been reading my blog, the phone was my precious Baby White until I encounter countless problems with it. And I finally sold it out at a darn low price (Sony Ericsson Smart Phone is WORTHLESS, to tell you the truth!)

This is the WORST phone I've ever used. 

I don't know if I'm the only unlucky one..
But this phone functionality is really poor:

#1 Slow processor
#2 Poor camera with no auto-focus
#3 Bad internal system
#4 Not-so-sensitive touch screen

It really disappoints me to the extent that
I swear I will never ever get a Sony Ericsson phone in my entire life again. 

Since it's a brand new year, it's time to throw away useless stuff and get a new, good one!

Goodbye Baby White, and let's welcome Baby Black! :D

As we know, Samsung is one of the latest hits competing away with Apple iPhones. 
I'm neither an extensive user of Twitter nor a Facebook addict,
 so I get one Samsung Galaxy S Plus at its original price, without any data plan.

This 4-inches phone fits perfectly well on my palm.

Hope this gadget gives me a great experience for at least a year or two!


  1. Never knew that there's a Samsung Galaxy S plus. Only knew S1 and S2 (: But samsung smartphone are quite advanced now, happy using it! Congrats btw. 

  2. Fuyoh, congratulations! Btw, how much is it?

  3. bigger and better! hahaha I'm using X10 mini pro... its slow sometimes but at the moment it's still okay for me... i wanted to change to iphone 4s next year... if possible... haha

  4. High 5 Samsung fan~

    I'm using Samsung too and so far, it works fine for me~

  5. So sorry about your old phone. But it's awesome that u've got a new smartphone, dear! I'm sure this will work out well for u :) Merry X'mas & Happy 2012 with lots of love from Singapore!

  6. Nice phone to welcome your 2012 New Year. Congrats!

  7. nice and small. i wonder how is the battery life?

  8. yes sony phone sux... I had one touch screen before, last only for a year...sold it out for less than Rm300...and i got it for like thousands. damn!

  9. wow so nice got new phone~ imma gonna change a new one too! hopefully. huhu.

  10. Good choice! Samsung is a good alternative to an iPhone :) You will love the huge screen!!

  11. Looks like you bought a phone to suit your needs and yes, its attractive looking.  For the time being, I am quite contented with my BB.

  12. Definitely Samsung Galaxy series better than Xperia :D

  13. The ThreeStars Company is greeting you with Annyeong Haseyo welcoming you on board their Gingerbread Andriod  with Kamsahamnida while you are saying sayonara/hejda to Sony Ericsson for 2011. All the best for 2012.


    Happy New Year to you and your family. Keep blogging!


  15. hi Miao! :) thank you for dropping and happy 2012 to you too!

  16. hi Bananaz, nice way of leaving a comment eh? :) i love your creativity! but sooner or later people will say goodbye to gingerbread and then welcome Ice Cream Sandwich already. anyway goodbye Sony Ericsson is the best thing to do in 2011, hahas, happy 2012 to you too!

  17. Hi Metzelder, i do agree with you in it :) 

  18. hi Nava, glad to hear that you own a BB, how nice! for now, im quite satisfied with my S+ too

  19. hi Sui Ying, agree with you since I can't afford an iPhone ;) the screen is sufficiently big for me ^^

  20. hi Jessy, that's exactly what i was facing! i bought it at almost 1k, and sold it off at only RM200. that's a pretty huge loss.

  21. hi Missy, so far the battery life is fine for me. i charge it daily (if i use wifi 24/7) or charge it every alternate day when i don't surf the internet using the phone

  22. hi Sheohyan, glad that i bought a new year gift for myself too! thanks :) happy 2012!

  23. hi Shirley, thank you for your wishes and happy New Year to you and family too!

  24. hi Hayley, glad that I've chosen Samsung this time too, and I do hope it lasts long.

  25. hello Daniel, is the mini model quite small for you? good luck in saving money and change a better smartphone in 2012, add it as one of your resolutions then :P

  26. hi Kelly, thank you and I bought it at RM 1229.

  27. hi Hilda, S+ is an upgraded version of S1, so it's better and thank you for your comment here!

  28. hi Chloe, thanks ya :) happy 2012!

  29. haha! i don't like sony erricson phone! prefer samsung =D

  30. i am recently liking sony ericson because i get to snap great pictures with it. i guess all companies have good and poor phone models. and i will keep in mind not to get the model u blogged.

    however, recently, i was thinking of getting a new phone that has more functions... but on the second thought i don't think i wanna do office work like checking emails on my new handphone!


  31. May you have a blessed Happy New Year 2012 with abundance. 

  32. hi Tony, S+ is newer than S2, but the specs of S2 is better than S+ with larger screen and better camera quality.

  33. hi Alien, you have exactly the same thought at mine :) 

  34. hi Renaye, thank you for dropping by. if you have an intention to get a new phone, then you must carefully compare which is better and do read more reviews on the phone too :) 

  35. hi Bananaz, thank you very much! 

  36. Lots of my co-workers use SGS2. The huge screen is fun to use.

    But hack, I am still using Sony Ericsson!

  37. it looks smart. suit you well fish!hehe wish i have one. but T_T i can't afford it (because i prefer to buy books.hehehe)

  38. What a way to start the new year with! Enjoy the phone and hope it will last! Happy New Year!

  39. hi Khengsiong! S2 is awesome, but not as affordable as the one i have here. hahas, as long as the phone suits your liking then i think it's fine :)

  40. hello Yong, thank you, i bet your book collections can buy more than one S2 already :P

  41. waaaahhhhhhh! i also want but tak mampu although i'm working already :(

  42. hi Henry, wish you get more ang pows this year and enjoy a new phone soon :D

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