20 February, 2012

Eggless Egg Tart

Have you seen COLORFUL Egg Tarts before? :D 

What interests me is that 
the egg tarts are not made of eggs!

The base of the tart is a layer of baked crunchy cookies. 
Meanwhile the filling of the tart is 100% of the milk of different flavours.

I first saw this from a night market hawker who sells various cakes, tarts and pastries. According to him,  he can sell more than 500 tarts of various sizes in ONE (1) day! That's really a lucrative business. 

Available in FOUR (4) flavours: 
#1 Pandan
#2 Chocolate
#3 Original
#4 Strawberry

Priced at only RM 1.30 each, or a discount at RM 5 for 4 pieces. 
It's definitely worth your money :)

Boost your mood with colorful, appetizing tarts :) 
You'd definitely love a bite after another!

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