20 February, 2012

Eggless Egg Tart

Have you seen COLORFUL Egg Tarts before? :D 

What interests me is that 
the egg tarts are not made of eggs!

The base of the tart is a layer of baked crunchy cookies. 
Meanwhile the filling of the tart is 100% of the milk of different flavours.

I first saw this from a night market hawker who sells various cakes, tarts and pastries. According to him,  he can sell more than 500 tarts of various sizes in ONE (1) day! That's really a lucrative business. 

Available in FOUR (4) flavours: 
#1 Pandan
#2 Chocolate
#3 Original
#4 Strawberry

Priced at only RM 1.30 each, or a discount at RM 5 for 4 pieces. 
It's definitely worth your money :)

Boost your mood with colorful, appetizing tarts :) 
You'd definitely love a bite after another!


  1. interesting. wanna go check out and see if i can replicate for furkids who can't take eggs. lol.

  2. OMG...these egg tarts are so cuteeeee... I love would to try their Pandan flavor. Which night market did you buy it from?

  3. aaahh been searching for this kind of tart..i'm not a fan of egg tarts but really love the way it shaped. cute :)

  4. Wah sei! I love egg tarts! Y U NO reveal where you buy! haha XD

  5. egg tart but no egg?? :p.. I always love something that melt in ma mouth, and tart is one of em.. ^_^.v.. I still remember the famous egg tart at Sabah, so yummy that I can eat like 10 of em.. Nasib baik Mahal.. if not.. Ha ha ha.. i don't really remember the price already but like rm1.50 per piece?? That's mahal for me.. :p

  6. Eggless egg tart? First time I heard egg tart being made without using egg. It should renowned as milk tart since made from milk. Hehehe..

  7. Colorful egg tart? I've never seen these before, so special!

    I want chocolate one~~ and I hope the pasar malam vendor from my town here would take a peep at this entry.... so they can learn and sell it here ^0^

  8. I thought you bought them from John King Egg tarts! :p

  9. Ah cravings ! I don't think Kuching has em ! :(

  10. Lucrative business indeed. The green one doesn't look it'd taste sweet lol

  11. seems very yummy
    good week


  12. It looks like jelly on top and tart at the bottom. Special and cute.

  13. It sounds like cream for me. ;)


  14. The egg tarts look yummy, and cheap too! ;)

  15. so it should be milk tart...LOL..
    for those like these i could eat few dozens .. when i watch tv..

  16. Gosh, they're so colourful! For a moment, I was about to ask if u made them. Hahaha! Hey gal, u've an award waiting for u @ Shirley's Luxury Haven! Love, Shirley

  17. this is really new to me..egg tarts without eggs!

  18. Unique eggless tarts! Which night market? The one in Sri Petaling?


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