09 March, 2012

Let's Go Mamak!

I remembered vividly the mamak sessions I used to have during the high school time. Ahh, those old good times which everyone misses alot!

But nowadays people tend to turn ChaTime, Snowflakes or any other dessert cafes rather than visiting the traditional mamak stalls. 

Just ask yourself,
how long have you not eaten
roti canai or maggi goreng with teh tarik?

As for me, my favourite food at mamak stall is no other than the Pasembur,
the fehmes Indian rojak in town.

A plate of pasembur consists of shredded cucumbers, potatoes, beancurd, turnip, bean sprouts, prawn fritters, spicy fried crab, fried seafoods, noodles and served with a sweet and spicy nut sauce.

The prawn fritters never fail to satisfy me when dipped into the specially-made sauce!

To my surprise, I have been to a roadside stall selling pasembur along with yong tau fu!
I think the fusion of Chinese and Indian food is the latest trend eh?

The tea session is never complete without a mouthful of ice kacang and cendol beverage!

It's perfect for the hot, sunny weather :)

Diversify your choice of food, and you'll enjoy them more :)


  1. I'll go mamak for my roti canai & maggie goreng fix :P

  2. I love hawker food like these more.

  3. Yea, I miss mamak food! Especially roti canai~

  4. the sauce for pasembour is one of my favorite sauces too! very nice with noodles, egg & potatoes, malacca-style :D

  5. mamak... I rmb a IRC chat room called mamak. heheheh

  6. The food looks oh so sweet and refreshing.

  7. I still remember haha.. Love Maggi goreng!

  8. Those people in Chatime,etc don't know what they're missing! Good times! :D wish I could them here in Melbourne! :(

  9. i agree with your statement. Diversify our food, and live life to its fullest! :)

  10. 1 mth ago since my last visit to mamak..

  11. i think i've not been to a mamak for a dunno-how-long time already, haha.. always see rojak pasembor with cendol, but first time see it with yong tau foo!! wow, this is really an interesting scene huh?? :p

  12. No mamak in Sibu. Love their food even though it may get a bit too pricey...

  13. I'm still going to mamak, not with friends but with family members cos my son loves their roti tissue.


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