04 March, 2012

Pick-Me-Up @ Kuchai Lama

After a whole week of having tight schedules and meeting deadlines, it's time to indulge myself in something to relieve my exhaustion. What's better than having a relaxing afternoon at Pick-Me-Up, a café  which serves scrumptious desserts and snacks?

 #1 Pearl Milk Tea and Grass Jelly Milk Tea @ RM4.50 each

Let's have this first, while waiting for our desserts and snacks to be prepared.

Here's the newly-introduced dessert, for dine-in only!

#2 Tower Shave Ice @ RM12.90

The icy block are separated into 3 layers, with blueberry ice on top, mango ice in the middle and strawberry ice at the bottom. Accompanied with mango cubes, nata de coco, pearls and my favourite taro balls, the ingredients are all evenly-combined. This fruity pick is slightly sour and sweet; Very appetizing!

#3 Taiwanese Tower Shave Ice @ RM12.90

This is a little different from the premium ice pick above because it uses Taiwanese style, with grass jelly ice on top, palm sugar ice in the middle layer and finally the soya ice at the bottom portion. Each layer is separated by red beans, and the pearls and taro balls in the bowl complement well with the icy combination.

#4 Ice Cream Burritos @ RM5.50 each roll (3 pieces)

When it comes to food, icy and creamy desserts are always my best pick as it nourishes my taste buds with different tinge of sweetness. 

Left: Banana Ice Cream Burrito
Middle: Oreo Cookies Ice Cream Burrito
Right: Mango Ice Cream Burrito

The burrito skin is covered with chocolate, wrapping the fruit and vanilla ice cream together with some crushed peanuts in it. I'm not surprised when I was told this is the bestseller @ Pick-Me-Up, because it worked wonderfully – the delicate chocolate soft layer skin just gave it that extra edge.

#5 Froyo-Ice-Pick @ RM6.50 

This bowl of froyo is made of frozen yoghurt, topped with 3 types of delicious toppings of your preference in which I've chosen Cornflakes, Toasted Oats and Strawberry Sauce here. There I'm surprised with the large portion of yoghurt with unexpectedly low price. I don't think I can get more than a 100g of frozen yoghurt at only RM6.50 (yet to include toppings) anywhere else!

#6 Fruity-Ice-Pick @ RM8.50 

This fusion of frozen yoghurt on top and blueberry ice at the bottom layer is full of goodness, nutritious and delicious! Again, I can pick any 3 toppings from the wide selections, so I have Pearls, Malt and Oreo Cookies here. It balances up my cravings for some healthy yoghurt and fruity shaved ice.

#7 Taiwanese-Dessert-Pick @ RM6.50

Another best-selling product here is this bowl of Grass Jelly Ice with Red Beans, Taro Balls, Lotus Seeds, Pearls and Barleys. This is my first time seeing so many toppings on a bowl, without any additional charge! That definitely is more worth than what other shops are offering.

#8 Chili Chic Quesadilla @ RM8.50 (two pieces)

The best thing about Pick-Me-Up is to have snacks along with the desserts. The hot and cold combination works wonder on the taste buds! Under this thin, crispy skin, lies the minced curry chicken meat with potato chunks, which tantalizes my taste buds with mild spiciness. It's indeed a good start for an exciting snacking moment.

#9 Cheesy Nachos @ RM4.50

A quick bite is great, but this is really addictive that I feel like ordering one plate after another!

#10 Chilli Fries @ RM8.00

This condiment here is actually the same minced curry chicken without the potato chunks, but this is with added cheese. Dip your fries into the sauce to feel the enjoyment!

#11 Cheesy Fries @ RM5.50

I totally love cheese; The twist that it creates on the buds is in itself so flavourful.

#12 Nutella French Toast with Peanut @ RM5.50

A scoop of ice cream is considered an add-on, with additional charge of RM1.00. One piece of bread is covered with a layer of melted hazelnut chocolate spread, while another is of peanut flavour. When the soft peanut spread melts, it just leaves my mouth speechless!

#13 Nutella French Toast with Blueberry @ RM5.50

At the right amount of sweetness, a piece of blueberry toast can fulfill my taste sensations. And I believe when the French Toast dances with little sweet ice cream, it creates the perfect balance of taste, and then all my buds just sing together.

Other than the above products,
they even have some local-dessert-pick:
  • Barley, Gingko Nuts with Beancurd Sheet Soup @ RM4.00
  • Bubur Cha Cha with Taro Balls @ RM5.00
  • Cendol @ RM4.50
All of them sound so appetizing that I promise I'd try them all during my next visit! 

1. There are way too many foodstuff to be chosen from. Be it a relaxing teabreak or a filling brunch, it satisfies me well.
2. Personally, I love the ice cream burritos and frozen yoghurt the most, especially when they're offered at reasonable prices.
3. I really appreciate the added innovation and creativity in the fusion of desserts and snacks here. Most combinations are new and exciting for me that I'd certainly revisit this outlet for more in future.

35, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8, 
Kuchai Enterprenuer Park, 
58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Website: www.pickmeup.com.my
Facebook: www.fb.com/pickmeup.com.my 
GPS: 3°5.403'N, 101°41.255'E

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