24 March, 2012

Wok Dish Way @ Kota Damansara

Strategically located at Kota Damansara, Wok Dish Way specialises in a vast selection of tasty Chinese home cooked food, including the signature dish, Lei Cha (擂茶).

This restaurant, named "Bu Zi Dao"(步滋道) in Chinese, seems to be homophonic with "Bu Zhi Dao" (不知道), meaning "I Don't Know". Such interesting name would definitely keep you remembering it!

Clean-looking and it looks inviting, isn't it? 

The Chef, with more than 15 years experience, has prepared the signature dish Lei Cha, using a traditional recipe passed down by the family generations. Originated from the Hakka province, this "Lei Cha" Soup, a tea-based broth is basically a green bowl of chlorophyllic soup made from milled herbs including mint, basil and lots more.

 #1 Lei Cha (步滋道擂茶) @ RM7.90

The healthy set meal comes in a bowlful of white rice, soup, and a mixture of tea leaves and grounded herbs, along with various roasted nuts and greens. This is the authentic Hakka version, with no added preservatives.

#2 Lei Cha Fried Rice (步滋道擂茶炒饭) @ RM9.40 

Try out another version of improvised Lei Cha; This is served with fried rice, with the same types of condiments. The fried beancurd and groundnuts are slightly salty, but others are perfect in their original taste!

Well, you may be turned off with the colour of the rice. But to tell you the truth, it is so green because it is fried with the Lei Cha paste, made of pounded tea leaves, basil, mint, sesame and peanuts.

Despite of the healthiness it brings, most of the time people tend to have a great dislike towards such a green combination. However, the authentic Lei Cha here is more aromatic with savoury taste which would attract beginners like me!

Lei Cha? No, it's actually the Special Homemade Sauce, made of blended chillies, garlic, soy sauce, and most surprisingly, Thousand Island sauce as well. With the right balance of spicy and sweet taste, it gives a tangy flavour to complement with the following dishes!

#3 Fermented Bean Curd with Pork (南乳炸肉) @ RM8 (Small) / RM15 (Big)

Well-marinated with 'Nam Yu', this deep fried pork is tender for the meat and crispy at the edges. Each bite is so addictive and I just can't stop having this!

#4 Claypot Pork Trotter with Vinegar (砂煲猪脚醋) @ RM11.90

The succulent pork trotters are so flavourful with the generous amount of black vinegar used in the broth. Best matched with a bowlful of white rice to enjoy the broth.

#5 Mee Hoon Kueh Segamat Style (Soup) / 昔加末面粉糕 (汤) @ RM6.90

The Southern people usually call the handmade Pan Mee as "Mian Fen Gao", and this bowl is no other than the famous version from Johor. The clear soup base plays the most important role here as it brings out the true flavour of the noodles with no MSG added.

#6 Fried Chicken Wings (香酥炸鸡翼) @ RM15

Just by looking at the photograph, you should know that they are served piping hot. Munching through the crispy skin, I find the inner meat juicy with its tenderness retained!

#7 Crispy Seaweed (特色菜丝) @ RM7.90

The basic vegetable, Choy Sum is shredded into thin pieces and then deep-fried until it turns crispy. Best served with chicken floss to complete the balanced meal.

#8 Deep Fried Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce 
@ RM15 (Small) / RM 25 (Medium) / RM35 (Large)

Another heart-warming dish includes this sweet and sour fish which reminds me of home.

#9 Special Jiang Bao Dish (怪味酱爆) @ RM10

I find the name of the dish quite funny, because the owner adds "Guai Wei" (meaning Strange Taste) in front of its name. Nevertheless, it is not strange, but really appetizing with their homemade special sauce. The meat is stir-fried with the spicy and sweet sauce until fragrant, and again I'm addicted with the juicy meat.

#10 Special Cucumber @ RM4

One Japanese cucumber is cut into half before slicing it into thin pieces, then it is served with the chef's special sauce, mainly comprising the fragrant sesame oil. It's a good yet healthy finger food indeed!

#11 Ice Blended Lei Cha (擂茶冰沙) @ RM7.90

The specialty and highly-recommended beverage is this Lei Cha drinks. It's good for beginners as you don't have to be afraid of the stinky smell of Lei Cha, because it is now added with a generous amount of milk and whipped cream.

#12 Left: Special Drink @ RM3.50
Middle: Iced Longan with Ribena @ RM3.50
Right: Ice Blended Cucumber Lemon @ RM6.90

Comprises of cincau, longan and lemon cubes, the "Special Drink" is especially good and refreshing during hot days!

#13 Left: Ice Blended Red Bean @ RM6.90
Right: Iced Blended Peanut with Milk @ RM6.90

If you'd love to enjoy something icy, go for these with their natural sweetness. 

 #14 Cendol @ RM6.90 (Big) / RM3.50 (Small)

Here's the big bowl of cendol, meant for two-pax sharing. Despite of the room of improvement in this dessert, I am satisfied with the generous portion, considering its price.

1. My dining experience here is warm and comfortable as if I'm feeling at home! Traditional dishes with home-cooked style, it simply reminds me of the family.
2. Personally I find the Lei Cha here is really acceptable, especially for beginners like me. In fact, it becomes one of my favourite dish that day!
3. Overall, I learn that healthy food can be exciting too!

Wok Dish Way 
2A-1, Jalan PJU 5/10, 
Dataran Sunway, 
Kota Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
Contact: 603-6150 7496 / 6012-765 7580
Operating Hours: 12noon to 10pm daily, closed on alternate Sundays
Website: www.workdishway.com.my

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