07 May, 2012

Sakae Sushi @ Sunway Pyramid

Hello, do you remember me, the cute fatso Froggie?
My last visit to Sakae Sushi was during the SHILLS beauty bloggers tea session
and now I am visiting Sakae Sushi again, with my new Sakae member card.

Apply for Sakae card @ only RM 20, with points worth RM 10 preloaded in your card, and you’ll be offered assorted sushi plates at only RM1 (Choices of plates vary each quarter). Whenever you dine at any Sakae outlet, you can accumulate points and redeem them to enjoy more yummy food! (1 point = RM1).

Sakae's special: Genmaicha Green Tea, the all-time favourite.
Honestly I haven’t heard of Sakae card before, I’m so super outdated in this, and the silliest thing on earth is that I immediately feel excited after being introduced regarding this card -.- Apply yours today, and don’t be backdated like me :)

Let’s start our Japanese-styled dinner!

#1 Sakae Salad @ RM 13.90

It's the house specialty salad served with plum dressing. Being one of the Sakae's favourite, it is improved compared to last time. This flavourful plate of salad reminds me of Chinese Prosperity Toss which uses the same plum dressing, but this is of healthier ingredients.

The fresh raw salmon slice, when mixed with the vegetables and dressing, tastes totally different! Such modern twist in this Japanese dish is so creative that the dish becomes more tantalizing.

#2 Gyoza @ RM10.80 (5 pieces)

I don't really fancy this small, crimped dumplings on the sizzling plate because of the oily surface. Call me bias or as a typical Chinese, I prefer steamed Chinese dumplings to this. 

#3 Mango and Soft Shell Crab Maki @ RM 14.90

The sushi roll is sweet outside with the sliced mango, but crispy inside as you munch through the soft shell crab chunks. The soft shell crabs, when topped with mango slices, and shrimp roe taste more juicy than ever!

#4 Salmon @ RM 9.99  (5 pieces)

When the plate arrives, I realise Sakae is actually serving thicker slices than before. 
Fresh and juicy indeed! 

I love the slightly fat, slippery layer on each slice that makes the salmon more succulent.

#5 Tempura Ramen @ RM13.90 

The deep-fried tempura is a must-have during my every visit to Japanese restaurants, thanks to its crispiness that never fails to make me get bored of them. 

#6 Ika Lobster Salad @ RM5.99

The name itself is deceiving as compared to how does the sushi really looks. It contains squid and lobster salad in the sweetened tofu skin, but sadly the sweet skin has completely covered the fresh salad taste.

#7 Soft Shell Crab California Roll @ RM5.99 each

Despite of its name, again the amount of soft shell crab is so small that it can hardly be seen.

#8 Salmon California Roll @ RM5.99 

This is more appetizer than the previous one of course. With my favourite salmon slices and salmon roe, how can I say that it's below expectation?

#9 Salmon Skin California Roll @ RM3.99 

This is a little special for me, because the crispiness of deep-fried salmon skin remains although it is left there for more than half an hour before consumption!

#10 Salmon Yaki Ball @ RM9.80 (RM7.80 for Sakae members)

This is the ever famous Japanese street food, Takoyaki! It comes in 4 pieces per plate with juicy salmon chunks in it, therefore is definitely more reasonably-priced than those around the night markets.

Munching through the crispy skin, I find freshly cooked salmon meat in it. 
Oh how can I resist such good food?

I hope more and more restaurants around Klang Valley can start applying this iPad Ordering System so that there will be no hassle of taking wrong orders or long waiting time for placing orders.

1. Along with the latest cool and fresh creations, it's an affordable Japanese dining with modern twist.
2. The service is still acceptable, not as bad as described by others.
3. With fresh food averagely priced, I prefer dining here than at Sushi King.

Sakae Sushi 
Lot LL1.46, Lower Level 1,
Sunway Pyramid 
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/5,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact: 603-5622 1445


  1. Ooishii... I tried Sakae Sushi and quite satisfied with it. I love their inari sushi

  2. the vegetable in the picture #5 looks a bit old...
    i seldom eat in Sakae Sushi....
    Nowadays there many restaurant/shops that offer their loyalty card..
    my wallet has very less space to keep all the cards....

  3. OMG OMG OMG !!! I love sushi very much !!!

  4. wow... their salmon roe very nice one! I used to order it once i step to their shop..

  5. the frog mascot is so cute! i almost want to hug it and pinch its cheeks! heheh :D

  6. This place must be very popular and enjoying a roaring business. Seen so many people blog about it. Not a fan of Japanese food though (nor Taiwanese desserts),...no, thanks.

  7. I've tried once...the one at Fahrenheit 88. Nice and reasonable price!

  8. I can see that you are a salmon fan like me! Oh you're making me craving for sushi now.

  9. That frog is too adorabkle :D
    And this place looks totally fun and delicious!

    Choc Chip Uru

  10. This does look like a place with great Japanese. l love the look of the soft-shell crab xx

  11. I am drooling over gyoza and Tempura ramen...I am loving the salmon too! Great post!!!

  12. i'm actually pretty impressed by their ordering system, but food wise, hmmm, so-so lah~~

  13. I also prefer Sakae Sushi to Sushi King! : )

  14. That salmon looks wonderful! I'm a little envious here...

  15. we just went there recently...I enjoy the food there but not the kids..ahhahaha

  16. i love Sakae sushi. the salmon does look fresh and yummy.

  17. so the froggy will appear only on special occasion? LOL!


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