30 June, 2012

MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee @ Sunway Pyramid

Sunway Pyramid is my usual hanging out place, but when it comes to food, I always have to scratch my head because there're way too many selections. Opting for something creative, I immediately think of Ministry of Food (MOF) Japanese Sweets & Coffee!

Being famous for their Hokkaido soft serve ice cream and their funky creations, I'm thinking how adventurous should I go when choosing my lunch there. 

#1 Ocha 
Back to basic, it's my habit to drink green tea upon entering any Japanese restaurant. 

 #2 Tonkatsu Tuna Bento Set @ RM 14.90

This lunch box comprises of fresh tuna chunks, with chopped crabstick meats, eggs, cucumber and Japanese rice. They even include wasabi in the set so that you can enjoy the twist in the flavours of the dish. For me, it is really fresh and the tuna is served cold to preserve its original taste. 

#3 Mini Salad

At the first glance, I can only see a generous amount of fattening mayonnaise and I try to avoid the whole bowl later on. 

#4 Tonkatsu Tuna Salad @ RM 6.80

If you realise, it looks exactly the same as the bento set above except that it is served in a bowl rather than a bento box. Tonkatsu tuna flakes, tomato, cucumber and sliced lettuce are well-mixed with tonkatsu sauce which turns out to be a flavourful bowl of salad. No wonder it's categorized under the chef’s choice! 

I never fail to fall in love with the homemade Tonkatsu sauce which makes the salad so special!

 #5 Japanese Matcha Imo Series with Yam @ RM12.00

Imo simply means 100% premium Japanese sweet potatoes. The green tea vanilla ice cream is so soft that it melts away with the hot red bean paste easily. 

The Imo series is a perfect marriage between hot and cold desserts. While sweet potato is served hot after deep-frying, the Hokkaido milk-based soft serve is very cold.

The best way to enjoy it is to spoon a bit of everything and have them together! Matched with the deep-fried yam balls, your burning tongue is immediately soothed by the fluffy ice cream!  How miraculous it is. 

That's one of their signature dessert too. With no sugar added, the authentic flavour of this yummy Japanese dessert is revealed. 

1. The desserts here are of huge varieties; Each is so unique that I wanna try them all!
2. The portion is not as generous as expected when comparing with its price.
3. Revisit? Definitely yes, since it's so conveniently located around the shopping malls.

MOF (Ministry of Food) Japanese Sweets & Coffee 
Lot F1.67, Sunway Pyramid,
Bandar Sunway, 
46150 Selangor. 
Contact: 603-5638 2688


  1. I like item #5, so tempting! ;)

  2. looks so refreshing and healthy

  3. I always visit this place everytime when im in SP..(I used to)..;P

  4. that's a lot of tuna in this meal! the portion seems pretty generous :D

  5. Wow, seriously, i went here before. but now after looking at your blog. Maybe i can just walk to pyramid and have these. its just opposite of my place

  6. Set lunch/dinner set RM9.90 only! That's cheap...and in KL some more. Food looks very good too. Wouldn't mind giving it a try.

  7. i always wanted to try MOF but their food like not much variety...

  8. This is nice though, I always walked by pass this restaurant, never ever take an effort to walk in.. with your blog recommendation, I should give a try next time. =)

  9. Tonkatsu Tuna Bento set comprises all my favourite - tuna, egg, crabstick and cucumber. These all I like when eat Japanese meals. Only MOF open one outlet in KK, that would be nice!

  10. =.= I only been there once and yes the portion is so not generous enough for the price you paid. Well, the food to me is just normal only :D haha

  11. Tuna bento set looks like a lovely lunch.

  12. i dislike their service. have been there once and never wanted to step inside again, anymore!

  13. I've tried their food, and i just thought it was so-so. However, contrary to MsXeRoz Nicole's experience, I received very good service from the staff when I had my lunch there. :)

  14. MOF!!! Will try this if I have $$$! =P

  15. Hmm...sounds like this was a toss-up, especially with all the comments.

  16. Ohmaygosh another yummylicious salad pictures you have here im starving for it now~~~!!!!

    Good morning sweety happy sunday :)

  17. definitely good food to start my day.. i guess this is what i really want as my daily meals..

  18. looks so tempting and the prices are quite reasonable as well :D

  19. I used to see some discounted website selling the coupon. Maybe I shall buy if I happens to see it again =)

  20. I always welcome dessert although I'm full to the brim :P

  21. And now, Aki is hungry.. hey, make sure u come the 15 July Picnic ok.. :p.. Bring lots of food.. :D..

  22. errr, I tot U were invited, the Picnic Party Kian Fai make wan..

  23. Wow! Amazing!!! I want to try....let's me please (>д<)


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