29 August, 2012

Coffee Terrace (咖啡苑) @ Maxims Genting Hotel, Genting Highlands, Pahang

During my last visit to Genting Highlands, the organizer has treated us with a lavish buffet dinner at Coffee Terrace, an all-day coffee house where I saw a huge crowd on a Friday evening.

The interior is brightly lit, complementing the dark furniture. Very spacious, and I love the contemporary design which brings comfort upon dining. It offers both buffet and ala carte menu, catering for all your needs.

#1 Salad Bar 

The buffet spread began with a salad, with freshly-baked breads, dips and condiments as a perfect palate opener, before we were spoilt with choices for main courses. 

#2 Sushi Bar

At the Japanese section, they had both cooked foodstuff (Udon, chicken teriyaki, tempura, etc) as well as raw sashimi platter and freshly-prepared colorful sushis. I go gaga everytime I see petite maki sushi of different hues and fillings!

 #3 Sushi Rolls

#4 Assorted Vegetable Tempura

#5 Chicken Teppanyaki 

The Japanese corner didn't fail to tempt me with loads of good food! Due to the cold weather in Genting, I had a bowlful of hot, flavourful miso soup to warm my stomach before enjoying the fresh salmon and tuna cuts.

#6 BBQ in Skewers

For the flavours of Local Favourites & Nyonya, I'm delighted with the succulent chickens on hot plate grill. They even have my favourite grilled fish, so well-marinated as it burst in myriad taste of spices.

#7 Pari Bakar (Grilled Stingray)

#8 Ingredients for Steamboat 

I think most of the visitors there are mainly of Chinese, since the restaurant is only a stone throw away from the casino. So I find the Chinese section of the buffet has a wider spread than usual. 

 #9 Dim Sum

Another favourite pick of mine is the steaming hot dim sum, varying from Siew Mai, Har Gao, to steamed fluffy buns. All of them are Halal, yet they taste so delicious in a very Chinese traditional way. 

 #10 Pan Fried Seabass

 #11 Beef Roll with Asparagus Mushroom

 #12 Marinated Lamb

Stopping by at the Western corner, I saw the skillful chef slicing through the juicy lamb with lightly-charred skin. The meat was well done, and I just asked for more slices to satisfy my carnivorous appetite. 

 #13 Naan Bread

If you're a fan of Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, pick your favourite from the Roti Naan, Masala, assorted curry as well as dips. 

#14 Pandan Bread & Butter Pudding

Well, this is probably my favourite, because of its warm and soft texture, scented with refreshing pandan flavour. So delicious that I had this as a main course with some vanilla dip and chocolate sauce. 

 #15 Assorted Jelly & Pudding

 #16 Assorted Tartlets and Churros 

Besides the colorful pastries, I was surprised to spot my favourite Churros on the buffet spread here. Dip them into the chocolate fondue and viola, the crispy dough stick melted perfectly with the thick chocolate coating!

   #17 Rainbow Cake

Not only kids went gaga with this colorful piece of cake, I also got drifted away with this light spongy cake, with fresh cream topping sprinkled with colorful chocolate rices. Surprisingly, it's just nice in sweetness and soft for my liking. 

The dinner was so enjoyable when completed with a little hint of alcohol.

1. Taste wise, it is satisfying and most importantly, FRESH! :D
2. Recommended: Raw Tuna Sashimi, Marinated Lamb, Rainbow Cake
3. Probably the widest, best buffet spread you can find at Genting Highlands.

Coffee Terrace (咖啡苑)
Level 2,
Highlands Hotel,
Genting Highlands (云顶娱乐城)
69000 Pahang, 
Website: www.rwgenting.com

Business Hours:
Breakfast: 5.30am - 10.30am
Lunch: 12.00 noon - 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.00pm - 9.30pm

Breakfast: 10.30am - 12:00 noon
Tea: 2:30pm - 6:00pm
Supper: 10.30pm - 5.30am


  1. Wow!!! Real fusion, everything they have. Love the lamb...looks perfectly done. Yummm!!!!

  2. when I see the tempura, I thought it was . . . soft shell crab lol

  3. Love the wide range of choices there! Love your foodie post btw :D

  4. i have dined there once. food so so to me only :/

  5. What a pretty rainbow cake!

  6. i love those deserts especially that rainbow cake

  7. Wow, the spread is actually really impressive. Glad to hear the rainbow cake was good - usually I don't fancy the desserts at hotel buffets.

  8. Next time keep a slice of rainbow cake for me..LOL!

  9. My! The rainbow cake is so lovely. I like it.

  10. saw u there tooo! i love the pandan butter bread.. yum and the nyoya stall!

  11. I been to this buffet before. the spread is amazingly wide. But I never see the rainbow cake before! I want try!

  12. Hey, those panda-like stuffs for the steamboat - saw them in Melaka's satay celup : )


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