19 September, 2012

Petite Patisserie @ Shaftsbury Square, Cyberjaya



I have been staying in Cyberjaya for almost 3 years now, and Petite Patisserie is the first cake house opened within the vicinity of the students and corporate. Now we are spoilt with more choices, and goodbye to the boring selections at Secret Recipe. 

#1 Entrance of Petite Patisserie 

Strategically tucked within the front row of Shaftsbury Square, it is very noticeable, and only a few feet away from Chatime Cyberjaya and Starbucks.

#2 The 3 Flavours of Mousse Cakes

Originated from Singapore under the mother company, The Patissier, Petite Patisserie specializes in producing premium quality mousse cakes.

Uniqueness of the cakes:
1. Snap Freeze under -30°C, the freshness can be preserved up to 6 months, yet you can enjoy the goodness of a freshly baked taste of the cake.
2. Trehalose: A natural Japanese ingredient to maintain the moisture of the cakes.
3. Freshness Seal: Each cake comes in an innovative packaging, retaining its moisture and freshness.

#3 Chocolate Dream @ RM8.50 

My number one vote goes to this rich combination of smooth Belgium chocolate mousse layered with chocolaty sponge and French hazelnut praline paste. Best for those with a sweet tooth to enjoy the luscious, melt-in-the-mouth texture. Delicious! 

#4 Mango Madness @ RM8.50 

If chocolate is a tad sweet for you, another best-selling cake that may suit your taste is this piece of firm yet smooth mango mousse layered with vanilla sponge. Bursting in robust mango flavour, every mouthful gives a distinctive refreshing taste that keeps you reaching for more.

#5 Strawberry Delight @ RM8.50 

The sweet tartness of the strawberry mousse is slightly overwhelming for me, nonetheless the sourish flavour is well-balanced with the layers of light, airy vanilla sponge. 

#6 Plain Whole Cake (1/2 kg) Without Topping @ RM49

Along with the tagline "Let Your Imagination Run Wild", Petite Patisserie allows you to buy a cake of the flavour of your choice and DIY--- Decorate It Yourself

#7 Decorations of The Cakes

The small packets of deco come in 3 for RM5, while the fondant cake topping varies in many designs, shapes, colors and price tags. Since my left brain is getting a little rusty, the friendly staff there are more than willing to guide me towards my ideal cake decoration.

#8 Pre-made Whole Cake (1/2 kg) with Toppings @ RM60

I can't bake a mousse cake, but it's nice to have myself customizing it for someone special during birthdays and special occasions. Since the cakes are highly customizable, so your cake and your friend's will not look the same anymore! 

#9 Nutritional Facts of The Cakes

Something I notice on the box is the clearly stated list of ingredients and a detailed nutritional facts which I can't find it in any cake house. Simply feel safer now that I know what I'm feeding myself with.

#10 Interior of Petite Patisserie

Whether it's the regular mousse cake or home-baked pastry, it's great to sit down with one under the vibrant ambiance, to wash down a meal, or just satisfy your sugar craving.

#11 Slices of Mousse Cakes

Petite Patisserie is simply the top option if you want to order mousse cakes. Serving them as chilled as possible gives the best sensation, as every bite feels like a whole scoop of ice cream! 

#12 Creme Brulee @ RM3.90

But I'm also lured by the yummy French dessert. The rich custard base is not as creamy as I'd prefer but it's a very nice comforting food when the cold adds to the texture and enhances the contrast to the slick, candy crack of the melted sugar on top.

#13 Cream Puff @ RM2.50

A delicious aroma wafts out within the oozing custard cream as I pop a chilled light-as-air cream puff into my mouth. The cream is lightly sweet, not overly greasy like the more typical cream puffs. However, if the cold custard pairs with warm puff, it could be a winning taste.

#14 Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

For coffee enthusiasts, here you can enjoy one of the most expensive and sought-after coffee in the world. Lightly roasted, it has a very mild flavour and slight hint of bitterness, without overshadowing the subtle sweet desserts.

#15 Assorted Cookies @ RM16.90 each

It makes an ideal place to shop for cookies and festive snacks as you can see neat rows of jars filled with an array of cookies at the entrance of the shop.

#16 Map to Shaftsbury Square 

Another thing to add on! Petite Patisserie does caterings for parties and weddings, so you can place your order in bulk to obtain special discounts.

1. It is definitely a delight for those having a thing in between cake and ice cream. Be it a cake for birthdays, anniversaries or weddings, I buy the idea of surprising my loved ones with my "artwork" :P
2. Recommended: Mango Madness and Chocolate Dream
3. Pricewise, the half kg cake is filled compactly with high quality mousse, and worth every penny you pay.

Petite Patisserie
P1-27, Shaftsbury Square,
2350, Persiaran Multimedia, 
Cyber 6,
63000 Cyberjaya,
Contact: 603-8322 4669
Email: karen.ooi@petitepatisserie.com.my 
Website: www.petitepatisserie.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/petitepatisserieMY
GPS Coordinates: N 2.92351' E 101.66042'
Business Hours: 11am - 9pm daily


  1. Colorful.. and the temptation was.. urgh!! :p..

  2. the cakes are cute! and the packaging very nice!

  3. The place is very nice....
    Too ad the creme brûlée is just so so only...

  4. That's quite a variety of cakes & their presentation is quite nice too.

  5. it's nice that they let us decorate the cake! but i think i'll just let the professional does the job :P

  6. Oh, my...simply drooling!

  7. Love the boxes. Very nice. Not into mousse cakes...but the cookies look very nice. Price reasonable too...with nice cookie jars some more.

  8. Mother of cuteness!! looks delicious too! and sweet... makes you forget about calories. oh no...

  9. wahhhhhhhhhhhhh now i am craving for sweets.... you are not helping me with my diet lol :P

  10. I want one! (or can i have all of them?) :P
    My latest Entry :)
    Saya trauma kat Encik Jamban

  11. Have been wondering if there are good places to eat around there. That spot looks cute.

  12. I like chocolate mousse!!!

  13. they seems very very delicious but with that presentation it would be heart breaking to ruin hahaha

  14. I am on diet, i must lose enough weight before I can eat these cakes.

  15. Aiyo, my saliva are drooling la! The cakes are simply tempting!

  16. Love the customized decoration idea.. All cakes looks delicious..

  17. Looking at the map I can't find where is the Shaftsbury Square...maybe I could visit the shop after my convo!! haha

  18. Everything is so cute and beautiful. I love the way their customize their packaging. So youthful!

  19. oh my oh my, love it. The desserts are so nice and cute too.

  20. The cakes look very very very very very delicious!

  21. the cake look nice :) will go and have a try

  22. Wow! Look at those yummy cakes!! Wah! Can decorate the cake yourself? This is fun!

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  24. I am in dessert heaven right now :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  25. need to be kept in freezer? I want one too!

  26. I will definately visit this place! I love their cakes!!

  27. Sometimes the name is an invitation, great inviting name for a restaurant !

  28. Folks,

    We have started introducing our new mousse cake flavor, the Passion Fruit. With introductory offer of 20% off the current retail price!!

    Come and grab it while stock lasts.

    Petite Patisserie (603-8322 4669)

  29. All cakes look attractive and tasty. I particularly love the mango mousse cake. Yummy...


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