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18 October, 2012

Mikaku Ramen @ 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall, Cheras

How often do you hear these temptations calling for you? Being an avid fan of Japanese cuisine, I am here at Cheras to explore a ramen house tucked within the quiet 1 Shamelin shopping mall, followed by a movie date there. 

Glanced at the menu displayed, it is enticing. I realise Mikaku Ramen is more than just a noodle house as it features varieties of sushi, hot stone bowl as well as fresh sashimi. 

The restaurant has a pleasant ambiance,
with bright and clean table setting and spacious seating.

#1 Onsen Tamago @ RM2.90 

First up is one of the Japanese's favourite breakfast, hot spring egg, which some may find it ordinary. Covered by a layer of delicate custard-like egg white, the egg yolk is firm but retains the color and creamy texture of an uncooked yolk. Good to go with any noodle soup or soy sauce. 

#2 Maguro Tataki @ RM13.90

My favourite sashimi is served uniquely here. The chef prepares some delicious, lightly-grilled tuna which is cooked and crusty outside, whole retaining the fresh raw meat inside. Accompanied by sesame soy dressing, it is a welcome change from the usual tuna. 

#3 Jikasei Gyoza @ RM9.90 

We are served with homemade pan-fried pork and vegetables dumplings that can be shared, allowing me to indulge in the juicy porky goodness as much as I can! Wrapped with marinated ginger in it, each mouthful is chewy and full of sweetness! 

#4 California Sushi Maki Age @ RM7.90 

A modern twist of maki is added in the menu, there the deep fried sushi roll with crab meat, Japanese cucumber and avocado is served piping hot from the kitchen. A dash of soy sauce enhances the flavours of the sushi. 

#5 Gomoku Katayakisoba @ RM17.90 

As for the mains, the hot soba is a homey dish and done great. The glistening fried noodles are moist, not too oily and well-coated with the gravy of egg and assorted seafood with vegetables.

#6 Hiyashi Chuka @ RM18.90 

I don't normally have my main dish served chilled, but this bowlful of cold noodles with assorted toppings is amazing for me. The noodle itself is nothing to wow about, but I have to admit that it is more springy when served cold. 

#7 Shoyu Ramen @ RM16.90 

Mikaku Ramen offers 4 distinctive types of ramen, of which one is vegetarian, suitable for the health-conscious. The signature dish, Shoyu Ramen is, however, disappointing as I find it rather salty and lacking of its own character. 

But, on the bright side, you just have to add only RM5 to upgrade yours into a set meal that comes with Green Tea, 3 pieces of Gyoza and a bowl of Salad. What a great steal! 

#8 Gekikara @ RM18.90 

Unlike many eateries that offer sourish Kimchi ramen, here the chef recommends his very own spicy molten chilli ramen with seafood and vegetables which is more acceptable for Malaysian flavours. My adventurous taste buds have a great time savoring the torturing, hot and spicy soup.

#9 Yakisoba @ RM16.90 

After getting my hands on this, I conclude that anything served in hot stone bowl is delicious. The hot stone bowl fried noodles gains unanimous votes for the best noodle dish. It is surprisingly springy and very appetizing with the Japanese-styled sweet sour sauce. 

#10 Kanitama Chahan @ RM16.90 

Of course we leave some space for the best things which come last. I love how well the aromatic blend of sweet and sour sauce enhances the gooey egg's inherent taste! 

#11 Tori Teriyaki No Onsen Tamago Chahan @ RM16.90 

Another distinct offering is a hot stone bowl of Japanese fried rice that has been mixed in homemade caramelised sweet sauce with tender cuts of grilled chicken. Our meaty portion is a tad bland despite of it being concocted from the mixture of egg and sauce.

#12 Goma Ice @ RM4.90 

To wrap up the sumptuous meal, we have some good homemade stuff. 
My black sesame ice cream  is pure, creamy and not overly sweet.

1. I have to admit it is not the best ramen I've tried, but Mikaku is a great place for casual Japanese dining especially for their hot stone bowl selections. 
2. Must try: Maguro Tataki, Kanitama Chahan, Yakisoba and Hiyashi Chuka 
3. Quiet and hygienic ambiance makes it a good venue for family dining. 

Mikaku Ramen
C-G-03, Ground Floor,
1 Shamelin Shopping Mall,
100, Jalan 4/91,
Taman Shamelin Perkasa,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-9281 3385
Fax: 603-9281 4552
Business Hours: 11.30am - 10.00pm daily


  1. Oh the Onsen Tamago really look great leh. Gekikara is my all time favourite.

  2. So many names! But one thing for sure, I love Japanese food! ;)

  3. The cartoons are so cute! My pick would be the Tamago Chahan & Goma Ice-cream. Getting hungry liao. Hahaha!

  4. Yay I am all for japanese food! =D

    Cheras what a odd name.. lol

    Never heard of spring eggs before. Learned a bunch here again. Thanks for sharing! ;)

  5. the maguro tataki looks delicious..
    something difference from the normal japs restaurant.

  6. I would love #1, #2 & #11...........I love Jap food......

  7. ooo, i've never been to 1 Shamelin mall before. hopefully i'll try to visit maybe this year :D

  8. Everything looks so tasty! I particularly love those dumplings.

  9. The Goma Ice looks tasty.

  10. Mikaku means taste and flavor, so I guess it's a fitting title.

  11. I'm surprised you say the hot stone bowl rice was bland; it looks quite yummy in the picture!

  12. What I wouldn't give for something hot and spicy now :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  13. Everything looks so warm and comforting! I love the idea of incorporating eggs everywhere! I am writing this down so I can visit here one day =)

  14. Wahh....everything looks so yummy! And the price is still okay too... ;-)

  15. The cartoon on the wall is so cute, definitely gonna add marks. haha
    The onsen tamago looks good *slurrrp*

  16. We have restaurant serving Japanese foods at Suria Sabah, KK but the menu is not as extensive as this one.

  17. My soft spot for Japanese food... both myself and my girl.. always no argument if she chooses Japanese over others.. :p

  18. hmm i hope im familiar with their dishes to compare haha

  19. I seldom go cheras but I'm so gonna try this

  20. The tuna dish is special, haven't tried this before....

  21. hungry again and sushi again~ so like it~ =)

  22. I like the stone bowl rice. That looks hot and appetizing!

  23. The onsen egg drenched in soy sauce or soup?


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