03 October, 2012

The Manhattan Fish Market (MFM) New Menu 2012

Hi readers, welcome to my 'home', one of the leading seafood restaurant chain in Malaysia. Manhattan Fish Market (MFM), a renowned brand that needs no further introduction to you guys. 

In keeping the menu fresh and exciting, 
MFM has recently added a taste of new temptations, 
featuring the best shelled seafood--- Mussels

#1 Baguettes (Complimentary with NEW dish)

Our gastronomical journey starts off with the warm baguettes, unlike many restaurants who serve cold breads. Slightly crunchy on the outside and soft inside, it is simply good even on its own. Perfect as a palate opener with its light savory taste.

#2 *NEW* Stewed Tomato Mussels @ RM14.90

A true seafood affair with the extraordinary sauce! Unlike the local tomato gravy, Stewed Tomato Broth is rather creamy and rich in garlic and herbs. I'd go for another basket of breads just for this aromatic sauce!

#3 *NEW* Savoury Sea-esta @ RM18.90

For the health conscious, try the fish fillets, mussels and scallops in a clear broth with celeries and herbs. And the winning part is of course the light broth; So flavourful and robust with the natural seafood sweetness. 

#4 *NEW* Spicy Sea-esta @ RM18.90

Among the new items, Spicy Sea-esta, a perfect blend of seafood (mussels, scallop and fish) with loads of onions cooked in sweet-spicy and tangy broth, is my favourite of the day. The strong spicy broth is nicely done without overshadowing the fresh taste of seafood. 

These 3 new features will be launched in November, but are already available at all MFM outlets in Malaysia.

#5 Citrus Mint @ RM8.50

Before we continue for more, we take a break and enjoy some crushed ice in refreshing lemon juice with a dash of cool mint. Sourish in taste, it is indeed cooling with a minty aftertaste. 

#6 Cala Cala @ RM8.50

Despite of its name, this beverage is one of the winning tastes with a great combination of calamansi and lemonade. As refreshing as the Citrus Mint, it is more suitable for those with low tolerance towards sourness.

#7 Fried Country Mushrooms @ RM9.90

Another light bite has caught my attention. The Cajun Honey Mustard is a welcome change from the usual dips. Light and sweet, it complements well with the platter of deep fried button mushrooms as a snack or side dish.

#8 Do The Flame!

Finally I get to experience the specialty of MFM myself. Whenever you order prawns, the experienced staff will perform the art of Manhattan Flaming Prawns right in front of you. Feel the heat and enjoy the prawns right away!

#9 Small Flame @ RM29.90

As I love my meals to be freshly cooked a la minute, the famous flaming prawns lure me with its freshness and rich smoky flavour. Served on a bed of Garlic Herb Rice and Chips, I enjoy the fish fillet grilled in such a way that it retains its moisture and flakiness without being mushy. 

#10 Giant Fried Platter @ RM55.90

As for the giant platter, the name speaks for itself. The large portion can serve up to 4 pax as it comprises a giant mix of fried fish nuggets, shrimps, calamari and fried country mushrooms. Served piping hot from the kitchen, the seafood is so crunchy even to the last bite! The different textures combined in the dish creates a perfect taste even for those who may not quite fancy seafood.

#11 Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter @ RM52.90

We have another sharing platter where the famous fish fillet, calamari, oysters and prawns meet as one. At most of the western food eatery, I'd find that the prawns are rather small, but MFM is of the opinion that size does matter and is being generous with the serving here.

#12 Mediterranean Baked Fish @ RM16.90

An exclusive dish for fish lovers is served upon me. The garlicky aroma from the baked rice wafts in the air, with a mixed concoction of flavours from spices and coriander on the fish. The meat is deboned and so soft that it serves well even for young kids, complementing well with the spicy and sour light sauce.

#13 Gummy Bear @ RM8.50

My second drink for the meal has got a really cute name. The winning combination of Curacao and tropical fruit mix works perfect for a warm afternoon. Interestingly, it has two layers of blue and yellow liquid upon serving. And then it turns lime green after being stirred. 

#14 Blue Lagoon @ RM9.50

A glass of lemonade with Curacao and a scoop of ice cream is to put an endnote to the sumptuous meal. This beverage is rather creative, simply great as a thirst quencher or dessert for me as it is not too sweet but still flavoursome. 

Approaching 180 years in existence, Manhattan Fish Market has spreaded over the world, now conveniently located at major shopping malls around Malaysia. Special thanks to iLoveDiscounts for the sumptuous meal!

#15 FiSh with Red.FM DJ Mynn Lee, and Blogger Alicia 

Manhattan Fish Market is currently running meal deals in I Love Discounts, including the Giant Fried Platter, Small Flame, Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter and Mediterranean Baked Fish.

Here's the link for the first deal:

Week 1 (50% Discount)

Deals will be a combo with a glass of Cala-Cala, Fried Country Mushroom, Brownies with Ice Cream or Seafood Chowder.

P/S: It will be a whole month of deals, stay tune for Week 2,3 and 4!

1. Manhattan Fish Market is an ideal place for seafood, be it being baked, stewed, grilled or fried. 
2. Recommended: Stewed Tomato Mussels, Sea-esta and Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter 
3. Pricewise, you'd find value for money at MFM, considering the high quality fresh seafood used.

The Manhattan Fish Market
Website: www.manhattanfishmarket.com
Facebook: fb.com/MFM.My
Business Hours: 11am - 10pm daily
Halal: YES

Mid Valley: 603-2284 0448
Pavilion: 603-2141 4341
Sogo KL: 603-2202 8748
Ampang Park: 603-2166 9303

Subang Parade: 603-5637 0121
Ikano Power Centre: 603-7728 4248
Sunway Pyramid: 603-7491 3683
e@Curve: 603-7728 7303
Jusco Bukit Tinggi: 603-3326 2521
Setia City Mall: 603 - 33582481
Alamanda Putrajaya: 603 - 88895160

Queensbay Mall: 604-6461 620
Juru Autocity: 604-5018 688
Sunway Carnival: 604-3982 097 / 604-3982 140

Jusco Tebrau City: 607-3549 303
KSL City: 607-2891 940

Jusco Seremban 2: 606-6011 707

The Spring Mall: 608-2231 488


  1. I love this... basically love anything fishie... that's why I love your blog too! hehehe..

  2. I am so inlove with sea food :)

  3. one of my favorite is fish and chips..

  4. Never try this before, the portion looks so big.

  5. Oh! My favourite!! You are making me so hungry now.

  6. Thanks for sharing this..i more fall in luv wif food no. 9 chip wif flaming prawn look soo yummy :D

  7. Thanks for sharing this..i more fall in luv wif food no. 9 chip wif flaming prawn look soo yummy :D

  8. I like all of the broth-based dishes you featured. Very tasty looking.

  9. I've a Manahattan Fish Mkt just 5 mins away from my home. I often take my son there as prices are cheap. I like the flaming prawns best!

  10. Should be great !! it's good to know they have switch to a healthier fish chain restaurant.;P

  11. flamming seafood platter, my all time's favourite in manhattan!!

  12. That looks like a killer menu :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  13. I love MFM!!! Must check out their new menu as soon as I get the chance...

  14. Their platter always so huge in portion, can't finish >.<

  15. as always great set of foods drinks seems so refreshing

  16. I'm drooling over the stewed tomato mussels, very good for appetizer. The meal quite big in portion and the seafood look fresh too.

  17. The stewed tomato mussels look inviting:D

  18. Rice platter is my all time favourite

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