05 December, 2012

Audrey: Queen of The Day

Dear girls, ladies and women out there, 

I am sure Audrey, this famous lingerie brand is no longer a new icon for you. Recently it has organized an Audrey Queen of The Day contest that requires participants to write "I LOVE AUDREY" in the most creative manner and there are RM50,000 worth prizes to be won! 

The response of the contest was really overwhelming--- it gained 20,000 participants from the whole Malaysia! After rounds of tough selections, only 5 are shortlisted to be the finalists. Thanks to Audrey, it was my pleasure to be invited as one of the judges to choose the best, most creative artwork out of the 5 finalists. 

The final round involved an interview with the 5 finalists, 
so that they were able to express their idea and passion towards the masterpieces.

Finalist #1 : Goh Lin Lin

The sexy lady in the picture was hand-drawn using the letters "I L O V E A U D R E Y", so creative and complete with the hidden meanings behind each letter. How could it not score bonus marks?!

Finalist #2 Suraya binti Othman

The second one emphasized on glittery effects on the artwork, with beautiful flows of colours. It just gave a boost of mood by looking at this beautiful piece, isn't it? 

Finalist #3 Wan Hairulshifah

For the third one, I personally found it very attractive. Simply full of vibes and colours, so energetic and revolved around the nature around us. Why hadn't I thought of putting A U D R E Y into the wings of butterfly!

Finalist #4Hor Li Lian

The seashells are so tiny and creatively arranged. The contestant explained that she actually bought seashells bracelets and necklaces, cut them off and produced such pretty oceanic piece!

Finalist #5 Lew Yee Nee

Lastly, we had something eye-catching with the glittery background. Notice that the words were formed using toothpicks, so environmental-friendly and pretty!

Let's see who shall sit on the queen's throne and be the queen of the day!

Oh before that, my growling stomach was well-treated by Audrey's kindness. 
We had lots of cupcakes, light bites, and fruit juices throughout the event. 

Loads of sweetness! They even prepared us a pyramid tower of macarons to munch on.

Who doesn't love macaron? Esther and I are happy girls now!

Mrs. Goh Lin Lin, and her masterpiece, indeed stole the show of the day! Her explanation was very thorough, with great sense of humours, that entertained the crowd. I myself couldn't help to stop bursting in laughters!

Each of us was given a coloured ball for voting, and placed them in the basket 
behind our favourite contestant. And the result was pretty obvious here!

There you go, Audrey Queen of The Day!

The Grand Prize winner has won herself:
 Shopping Money worth RM20,000 
 Professional Makeover worth RM5,000 
 Pampering Session worth RM1,000 
 1 Night Stay in 5 Star Villa worth RM2,500

With RM20,000 cash winnings, I bet she can shop all she wants! 
At that very moment, I was having a thought...

All of you are the winners of the day =')

The runner-ups that followed were also rewarded generously!

2nd Prize: Luxury Handbag worth RM5,000 
 3rd Prize: Designer Watch worth RM2,000 
 4th Prize: Skincare and Cosmetic products worth RM1,000
 5th Prize: Skincare and Cosmetic products worth RM500  

Not to forget, there were 100 consolation prizes of Audrey RM100 Voucher each from Audrey. 
How generous Audrey is during this Christmas season! Even me, as one of the judges, 
were presented with RM50 voucher to grab my favourite inners from Audrey.

Thank You, Audrey for the special gifts! :P I bet you don't want to see the picture of what's inside.

More pictures are available at Audrey Facebook Page.

The year-end shopping spree mood is up! 
Audrey's sister company, Aimer is having Aimer Seasonal Sales this December! 
It is a high-end lingerie brand from Beijing, and very comfortable and sexy for women.

Parkson Sunway Pyramid, LG 1 
Date: 29/11/2012 - 9 / 12 /2012 

Parkson Gurney, 1st Floor 
Date: 5 /12/ 2012 - 16/12/2012 

Parkson 1 Utama, GF 
Date: 17 /12 /2012 - 30/12/2012

Massive discounts up to 50% 
Special Price For Aimer Bra @ RM100 onwards (Normal selling price from RM199.90 - RM359.90)
Special Price For Aimer Panty @ RM 40 onwards (Normal selling price from RM69.90 - RM129.90 )
Special Price For Aimer Nightwear @ RM150 ( Normal selling price from RM259.90-RM 299.90)

Visit Aimer's official website for more information. 


  1. Your pictures are sooooooo beautiful. Very sexy pose on the throne by the way ! Thumbs up !

  2. the first one so nice! so creative!

  3. wow....they are so creative. I thot just use ball pen and write 'I Love Audrey'..no wonder I won't be able to win. hahahah...
    I personally likes Goh Lin Lin's entry. Simple, Sexy and sophisticated!

  4. Seems as though they have some cute pieces.

  5. Wahhhhh!!!! Great prizes!!! Lucky girl!!!

  6. Wah, she is soooo lucky! But she deserves it!

    Yea, I love this brand too!

  7. Never heard of them. The biggest brand in America is Victoria's Secret which I'm suprised has never branched out internationally very much. I heard they just opened stores in Canada a mere two years ago.

  8. i never heard of that brand either haha well i mean i not intersted to know haha im a guy those products has nothing to do with me haha
    anyways those were cool art works though o loved that second one the most

  9. Oh, cupcakes and macaroons alone are worth it!

  10. Very young and green girl indeed...


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