16 December, 2012

Creativity Prevails! : Samsung GALAXY Note II - Be Creative Contest

Ever since the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note II in last October 2012, friends around me 
have been asking my opinion whether to get a Note II, and what's the specialty it has. 
My answer is definitely a YESI'd allow my Samsung Galaxy S Plus to retire if I have the $$$

The Samsung Galaxy Note is back, now even better--- Revolutionized Note II.
  Sleek, stylish and bigger in screen.

One of the core functions is: It helps to unleash something in you that
you yourself may not know--- CREATIVITY!
 All the drawings are brought to life with the enhanced S Pen

Think out of the box. Guess how a Note II helps you to search for your lifetime perfect match?
Let's see what's the Malaysian actress, Sharifah Amani has got to say.

If you have a mighty left brain, Samsung has a contest for you to bring out the creativity within you!
Here you can draw your way to 4 awesome prizes.

How to Take Part and Win? It’s simple!
Step 1: Visit becreative.my from 23 Nov 2012 to 21 Dec 2012.
Step 2: Choose one (1) of the four (4) artistes
Step 3: Complete the drawing done by the selected artiste
Step 4: Wait for the artiste to choose their champion

To get started, hop on to http://becreative.my and wait for the interactive webpage to load.
Using the mighty S pen, pick on one of the 4 artistes to start.

Different artistes will lead you to a different drawing. 
The 4 choices you have are:

#1 Razif Hashim's favourite meal or
#2 Adam C's signature jersey or
#3 Sharifah Amani's movie snack, or
#4 Ernest Zacharevic's photoframe

And I have chosen a cute cup of popcorn drawn by Sharifah Amani.
Who doesn't love popcorns during movie dates? :D

The next step would be completing the drawing with the brushes and color palettes given.
You'd be equipped with 5 types of brushes of different intensity and sizes,
as well as 4 core colours that lead to a combination of 16 hues and shades.

It's time to show the most creative side in you!

Perhaps my left brain has gone a little rusty. After spending a good two hours on this artwork...
Ta-daa! Here's my final masterpiece--- a popping hot cup of popcorn, so light that
it can be tied with a red string! Perfect as a movie snack with friends and loved ones.

Next, hit on the button "SUBMIT" on your bottom right corner outside the frame, then a pop-up box (as above) will appear. Finally, submit your entry by clicking on Facebook, Twitter or Email.

Not happy with your first piece of arts? You can play multiple times and submit unlimited entries!
Or you may browse through others' artwork to give you more inspirations and ideas!

.Be Creative, Go The Samsung Way!

Samsung GALAXY Note II Be Creative Contest runs from 
Fri 00:00:00 23 Nov 2012 to Fri 23:59:59 21 Dec 2012

Winners will be announced on the 4th Jan of 2013. 

Creative Prizes are Waiting For You!

Each winner, selected by their artiste will be presented with a prize from the respective artiste,
attractive prizes are as below:

  Adam C: One (1) personalised jersey from a football club of the winner’s choice
Razif: A dinner for two (2) at Razif’s favourite restaurant – Prime Steak House. 
Sharifah Armani: One (1) movie hall in TGV, valid for one (1) movie only. 
Ernest Zacharevic: One (1) copy of mural artwork printed on canvas with Ernest’s signature

Quick, be creative and win yourself fabulous prizes! 

The Samsung GALAXY Note II - Be Creative Contest is brought to you by Samsung Malaysia. 
For more information, visit Samsung Malaysia at: 


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