05 January, 2013

SHILLS: The Luxurious Bulgaria Rose Skin Care 2013

201314 means alot to Chinese, because it reads 爱你一生一世. I guess this is also the reason why you see pink overload in my blog post today! And so imaginative for SHILLS to held this event on such special day!

SHILLS is a well-known skincare and cosmetic brands, from Taiwan. I believe you've heard of it if you're a TV fans of a Taiwanese show, "Ladies First" (女人我最大). The first time I get to know SHILLS was during the opening of their first flagship store at Berjaya Times Square, KL (which the event I've blogged HERE), then I started using ANOSA and DOT.DOT products, sister companies of SHILLS :) 

The crew of SHILLS is always so sweet! Dressed in pink and white again this round. 

Thumbs up to the team! The setting of the event was perfect, with white and flowery lifestyle-themed cafe 
as the venue. Sure it is a smart choice to gather all of us here at Gardens Lifestyle Store and Cafe :)

Ushering year 2013, SHILLS has just launched a new range of skin care product: The Luxurious Bulgaria Rose Skin Care, comprises of 9 types of products in total. Just by looking at the sweet-looking packages, I totally fell in love with them almost instantly!

The latest SHILLS rose series uses the world's most famous and fragrant Bulgaria Damascus Rose, grown widely at the Valley of Roses at Bulgaria Mountain. It is so finely scent and rich in rose essential oil that it becomes the best natural material to produce perfumery and rose water!

Not only the packaging is made of rose colour, but the pale pinkish liquid inside is rose-scented 
and the best thing is, the bottle comes with a rose cap! So pretty!!

The moment of owning this product makes me feel like a princess--- 
The *Dreams come true* type!

 During the product launching, we are given an opportunity to get our hands on these products- Try around, 
and enjoy the scent that I believe it really soothes my mind! Aroma therapy? Kinda works on me.

Well, I have some tips for you here. After a hectic day, the first thing to do MUST be cleansing your face!
Eliminate all the make-up, dust, oil and other particles that stick onto your skin throughout the day by using 

#1 Rose Essential 5 in 1 Deep Clarifier @ RM79 / 250ml
5 in 1 = Make-up remover, cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer and sebum controller

#2 Rose Essential Cleansing Gel @ RM79 / 100ml
2 in 1 make-up remover and cleansing gel removes impurities with a dewy moist skin finish

#3 Rose Essential Hydrating Toner @ RM59 / 250ml
Your skin needs more water! Treat it with delicate rose aroma and a velvety finish with healthy glow

All the essentials in this series are powered with maximum hydrating properties, enabling your skin to regain moisture immediately during and after cleansing. Ms. Eva is trying the latest SHILLS rosy product on the bare face of the model, and the hydrating effect can be shown almost instantly! 

Successful experiment! The moisture level of her skin has really increased by 3%!

#4 Rose Luxury Essence @ RM99 / 30ml
Time to improve your dull skin and slow down skin aging

#5 Rose Essential Hydrating and Whitening Day Cream @ RM99 / 50ml
Organic, healthy product to improve skin moisture and elasticity. Goodbye to uneven skin tone!

 #6 Rose Essential Whitening and Repair Night Cream @ RM99 / 50ml
Allows maximum penetration deep into the skin for soothing and moisturizing

  #7 Rose Petal Jelly Mask @ RM99 / 70ml
Hydrates and soothes skin fatigue, ensure skin's suppleness and controls sebum secretion

 #8 Rose Essential Firming Eye cream  @ RM118 /20ml
Goodbye to puffy eyes and dark circles, welcome my lovely radiant and glowing eyes

 #9 Rose Brightening Lift Jelly Eye Mask @ RM99 / 10 pairs
Reduce eye puffiness and give TWICE the effect of hydration to the skin

It looks kinda like the royal jelly produced by the bee, but this is made of rose!!
The purest rose essence that I've ever seen in my entire life.

 Can you imagine, the production of one small bottle takes 1000 stalks of roses!!

It is specially made of natural fresh organic rose petals and authentic rose essential oil, to bring out its functionality. Coupled with the distinctive floral scent, it really calms my soul when I apply this on my hand. So romantic when using this mask, filled with bits of rose petals in it.
Thanks SHILLS for the detailed product explanation. I was so tempted to buy because they are currently having 20% discount for these newly-introduced products!!! If you feel like getting one, you can find SHILLS products at:
  • ALL SaSa stores in Malaysia
  • Cheras Leisure Mall
  • Berjaya Times Square
  • Stardust Studio Fahrenheit 88 
  • AEON Rawang
  • Tesco Kepong Village Mall
  • Penang Queensbay Mall, 
  • Dataran Pahlawan Malacca 
  • AEON Big Rivercity
  • Sutera Mall Johor Bahru
  • Johor Bahru City Square 
 Before the event came to a close, we adjourned to the buffet table for some sandwiches, tartlets, spring rolls, bread and butter pudding with chocolate fondue and fruits. Loads of good food were great accompaniment for great chats with the lovely friends during the event. 

 Of course none of us went home empty-handed. Special thanks to SHILLS for the treat and now I get to try their Rose Series Skincare products as well as the best-selling Black Bamboo Charcoal Mask :) 

More information about SHILLS: 
Website: www.shills.com.my 


  1. Love your photos too, pink and roses overload! :D Are you gonna review the products? Hehe!

  2. I love your pictures too,may i know what camera are you using?? Thanks ;)

  3. Gosh, your pictures are so gorgeous! =)

  4. oh my god Fish. Was that u just now? we met there I was with Cindy. Rmb when i keep asking u...r u tat o-fishee?? hey it is good to see u just now.

    i started to fall in love with their product....i just tried their toner.

  5. Lovely "garden"! Great decor for wedding...

  6. So efficient... I have not even edit my picture!

  7. I love your pictures!! Very nice :) I was there too

  8. well it looks like it has a pretty good smell ah

  9. no idea y not that like rose smell !!!

  10. Hello~ Dropping by here. I love rose-based products, I think the smell is therapeutic as well. ^^ The products are reasonably prized too!

  11. Wow you are fast hehe.. Love the pics and post.


  12. I like the rose smell!


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