21 February, 2013

The Aftermath: 15 Days Celebration of Chinese New Year

Hello! Are my fishies cute? :P 

Finally the 15 days of Chinese New Year has come to an end, although the gambling sessions at my friends’ place are still ongoing and Genting Highlands is still packed like sardines as usual. How was Chinese New Year? I hope everything is doing great with you, family and friends :) 

#1 Day 1 of Chinese New Year 

The first day of Chinese New Year is all about doing our filial responsibility in the family. It's the family tradition to head to the temple before the sun rises, and after the prayer, we'll feast on a vegetarian meal. Being vegan for a day is great :) But...probably not more than that...

#2 Day 2 of Chinese New Year 

For the past 20 years, my second day of Chinese New Year was spent at my hometown. This year comes a slight change, we went for movies instead. We visited some relatives' place for Bai Nian after watching the Hong Kong CNY movie, "Hotel Deluxe" 百星酒店. If you want a good laugh on the very beginning of new year, I bet the movie really makes you laugh non-stop for 2 whole hours!

#3 Day 3 of Chinese New Year 

We spent more time visiting houses and watching HK movies. The movie "I Love Hong Kong 2013"  2013我爱香港之恭喜发财 is not as hilarious though, but quite meaningful. Not much perks from the movie, and overall I find it so-so only.

#4 CNY Must Have: "Lou Hei"

I have tried so many types of Lou Sang this year, including the traditional Chinese one, salmon, fruit-based, vegetarian as well as Japanese Yee Sang. Glad to break my record of Lou Sang last year :) This year, all in, I have 11 rounds of Lou Sang! May God hears me well and make my wishes come true ♥♥ 

#5 Salmon Yee Sang (3 - 6 pax) @ RM28.80 from Sushi Tei

Despite of trying so many varieties, my all-time favourite goes to the Japanese version that tastes really light and appetizing! If you hadn't try anything Japanese for CNY this year, be sure to try some next year! 

#5 #OOTD: Outfit of The Days

Red and white are my favourite colours during new year. Thank you for more than 200 likes on Instagram for the one in red dress! :) I really love that versatile deep red dress that looks perfect in almost all kinds of occasions.

More daily outfits are available on Instagram, so please support my account ya ^__^ 

There go my first three days spent with family members and relatives,
and for the remaining 12 days of CNY, I spent mostly with my friends from near and far.

#6 CNY @ Mid Valley

5th day of CNY, it was Valentine's Day too. Although I knew this year wouldn’t be the same again, I am glad that the day turned out to be a really memorable one. Going for a girly date on a Valentine's Day makes me realised I'm not alone, I can still enjoy myself on this lovey dovey day.

Our friendship since Primary Year 2 ♥ ♥ 

 Thank you my best friends for spending the whole day with me. 
Fyi both of them are taken and unavailable. Lol.

Thank you for the Valentine's gift, Bestie  

#7 CNY Decors Around The Malls

In 10 days of CNY, I have been to almost all the malls in KL and PJ. Lol.
Shopping, eating, watching movies and chatting. These are what we do with friends right?

#8 Movie Marathons

And I was at Pavilion KL for 3 days in a row. Watched 2 movies - 

"The Wedding Diary II"《结婚那件事之后》by Ah Niu is really hilarious and meaningful, 
definitely a must watch! 

Although I love watching 《那些年,我们一起追的女孩》, but the latest Valentine movie by Michelle Chen and Kai Ko, "Together"《在一起》 almost bored me to death! Bad storyline, and many parts of the movie are cut off :( If you really wanna watch, do download the original China version.

#9 Concorde's Chinese New Year Corporate Gathering

The only job-related stuff I did throughout the week was attending the corporate gathering by Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Other than that, my evenings were mostly filled with events and food reviews :)

#10 Primary School Buddies 

These are the people I used to hang out a lot from Standard 1 till 6! :) I think it has been many years since we last met each other. Nice catching up with the old friends again!

Frankly, this is one of the happiest Chinese New Year I had  

Thank you MMU for the 1 month semester break that allows me to meet lots of old friends from far and near. I still have two more weeks to fill my days with lots of excitements and happy moments! So...
Ask me out if you haven't, lol.

2013 marks a brand new journey for me, I have lost a 2-years-relationship but gain a lot of long-term friendships :) Special thanks to some close friends who lent me their ears and shoulders. I guess this is more worthwhile, and I'd cherish each and every one of you. 

Once again, Happy Chinese New Year!
May 2013 be a better year ahead!


  1. Happy CNY Fish ;)

    jom go nom nom together yah! :x

  2. Looks like a pretty eventful CNY for you this year. You had 11 lou sangs while I only had one lolol :P hopefully can have more lou sang next year!

  3. wow your CNY is really eventful! i was sick since day two =.= missed out friends gathering T______T

    happy chinese new year! it's still not too late right :/

  4. CNY over liao. iSad :-(
    Gotto wait another year.... sobs

  5. glad to hear that you had a great one! Happy new year and have a great year ahead. :D


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