12 March, 2013

Paradise Inn (樂天客栈) @ Sunway Pyramid : New Individual Set Menu

As much as I love the traditional double-boiled soup and Chinese comfort food here, I don't mind revisiting Paradise Inn to explore the improvised menu with my friends and family. But recently I am always at Sunway Pyramid by myself, and what can I have in a Chinese restaurant when I am eating alone

A traditional Chinese inn with contemporary twists. 

#1 Flower Tea @ RM6.80 per person

Lily Flower & Forget Me Not (百合花,勿忘我)
Lavender & Rosemary (薰衣草,迷迭香)
Rose & Forget Me Not (勿忘我,玫瑰花)
Jasmine & Osmanthus (茉莉花,桂花)

Paradise Inn is a casual place to savor classic Chinese dishes, nourishing traditional double-boiled soup as well as its famous floral infused teas. Comes in 4 varieties, each aromatic flower tea is packed with dried longan and chrysanthemum to enhance its moisturizing and nourishing properties.

When it comes to the main courses, most of the dishes are meant for group sharing. True to say that one man's meat is another man's poison; It is tough at times, to achieve mutual agreement upon ordering the dishes.

Paradise Inn's latest individual set meal is introduced to give better dining experiences. It caters for patrons who dine alone, individuals with specific taste preference or those craving for a healthy and complete meal at one go.

Every set meal comes with a main course of your choice, a platter of fresh vegetables accompanied by 3 side dishes of the day, alongside with a bowlful of Jasmine steamed rice and completed by Paradise Inn's homemade special sauce

(1) Individual Mini Wok Set Meal (鍋仔套餐)

#2 Fried Rice with Chinese Sausages (锅仔腊味炒饭) @ RM19.90++

After rounds of "Lap Mei Fan" during Chinese New Year, I am still craving for some because of its robust sweet note and aroma. The perfect Chinese meal began with the comforting herbal soup, followed by the light dishes to tickle the taste buds and finally the staple food- rice! By then, bits of rice turned crispy at the bottom of the bowl, creating a lovely crunch with burnt edges.

#3 Supreme Seafood Fried Rice (海鲜皇炒饭) @ RM20.90++

For seafood lover, try the Paradise Inn's bestseller. Loaded with abundance of prawns, scallops and spring onions, the rice was fried with egg yolk into golden perfection. The seafood was cooked and nicely done while portion was decent for its price.

#4 Stir-Fried Seafood Hokkien Mee (招牌海鲜福建面) @ RM21.90++

Served in a hot plate that was still sizzling as it arrived, the crowd favourite Hokkien mee exuded a beautiful aroma but lacking of wok heat. Nevertheless, health watchers can enjoy the noodle without guilt as it is non-greasy and minimal in oil. 

#5 Stir-Fried Udon with Black Pepper Sauce and Seafood (锅仔黑椒海鲜乌冬面) @ RM22.90++

While the bowl is still hot, mix the egg with other delectable ingredients. It adds a nice touch to the seasoned fish and prawns. The black pepper sauce is mild and easily acceptable by everyone, or you may add a dollop of red chilli paste for better flavours.

(2) Individual Hot Stone Bowl Set Meal (石鍋套餐)

#6 Stir-Fried Beef Slices with Spring Onion (石锅——炒牛肉) @ RM23.90++

#7 Taiwanese Style Stewed Chicken in Supreme Soy Sauce (石锅三杯鸡中翅) @ RM20.90++

Glazed in supreme soy sauce, the famous Taiwanese stewed chicken crowned the fluffy white rice served in hot stone bowl. One of the side dishes here was replaced with half a soft boiled egg, enhanced with a dash of soy sauce. Crispy on the outside, the caramelized sweetness of the chicken was well-suffused into its fluffy meat.

(3) Individual Chargrilled Set Meal (烧烤套餐)

#8 Sliced Pork Collar with Lemongrass and Honey (密汁碳烧猪颈肉) @ RM23.90++

#9 Crispy Fermented Pork Ribs (香酥南乳海肉骨) @ RM23.90++

To satiate your carnivorous cravings, both pork dishes are highly recommended. The well-marinated pork shoulder was soft and tasted good with its tangy sweet sauce but I personally enjoyed the fermented pork ribs more because of its bold flavour and beautiful crisp.

#10 Chicken Drumlets with Spiced Marination (盐酥棒棒鸡) @ RM20.90++

Very similar to what I had in some Taiwanese cafes, the chicken drumlets were well-seasoned before being deep-fried into crispy perfection. The crunchy breading was quite light, forming a nice outer coating while retaining the juicy soft texture inside.

#11 Seafood with Spicy Homemade Sauce (香辣海鲜) @ RM23.90++

The spicy homemade sauce was toned down to a very acceptable level, 
so that patrons can enjoy the oceanic sweetness from the fresh seafood.

#12 Side Dishes (3 types, rotated every day)

Yums! Pork slices here were well-marinated, boasted with a tangy savory flavour. 

(4) Individual Hot Steaming Basket Set Meal (蒸笼套餐)

#13 Steamed Minced Pork Patty with Salted Fish (咸鱼马蹄肉饼) @ RM19.90++

Paradise Inn did a great job here, it made me feel like home when we were served the good ol' comforting food. There we had some steamed minced pork laced with salted fish and ginger for enhanced flavour, bedded with hot steaming rice in supreme sauce.

#14 Stir-Fried Sweet and Sour Pork (酸甜咕噜肉) @ RM19.90++

Steamed in traditional dim sum basket, the rice and pork cutlets were extra soft. Although I expected more crisp on the pork, it was nicely executed as the meaty portion was lightly battered and drenched in a familiar sweet and sour sauce. 


#15 Mango Sago (杨枝甘露) @ RM8.00

Did I mention Paradise Inn is also a dessert house to satiate your sweet tooth? All desserts come in individual portions and my favourite pick was the chilled mango sago dressed with pomelo bits. Creamy in texture, each spoonful was good to cool down the body during hot scorching days.

#16 Lotus Seed, Aloe Vera with Harsmar (莲子炖雪蛤) @ RM12.00

Ladies, don't forget to try their signature dessert loaded with soothing properties as well as beautifying benefits! Served warm in a bowl, it was mildly sweet and great to wash down the meal.

A satisfying meal with the fellow bloggers ;)

1. Overall, the food is good, and very well-paired with tasty side dishes, soup and sauce.
2. Price is decent as the portion and quality of food are worth the money.
3. A restaurant, a teahouse, a dessert haven, all housed under one roof. I will come back to rediscover more of its new menu as well as house specialty dishes!

Paradise Inn (樂天客栈)
LG1.7 and 1.8 (near Jusco & Starbucks) 
Oasis Boulevard, 
West Wing, 
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, 
Bandar Sunway, 
46150 Petaling Jaya, 

Contact: 603-5637 8822
Website: www.paradisefnb.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/paradisegroupmsia
Business Hours: Mon – Sun from 10am – 10pm


  1. Will try it out! ;)
    I've tried the one at Changi airport. the service and food is superb :)

  2. So many dishes, but they all looks taste good!!! =]

  3. oo... so thats what I m gonna be eating tmorrow...looks yummy ;)

  4. Looks so yummy!! Their set menu reminds me a bit of Fong Lye : )

  5. The individual set looks quite good. Can consider trying it.

  6. I love those transparent tea pots!

  7. Portion of the mains is quite small but together with the sides, should be efficient enough to fill me up :P

  8. the 密汁碳烧猪颈肉 look very tempting.

  9. interesting set of dish all of them was captivating,
    and the presentation were good too

  10. food looks so good and i would just love the flower tea

  11. Look like a nice place to eat... Everything looks so yummy.

  12. which is better? fong lye or paradise inn?


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