01 March, 2013

Peking Duck @ Ee Chinese Cuisine 颐, Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya

When I was asked to review Peking Duck Delight promotion at Ee Chinese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya, I was thrilled as I love Peking Duck! After rounds of visit including the CNY celebration here, I think I am becoming a regular at this renowned Chinese restaurant in Klang Valley!

The moment the Peking Duck is brought into the private dining hall I can smell the rich, smoky aroma wafting into the air.  Look, the savory duck skin is so evenly lacquered!

True to say Peking Duck is a common dish in many Chinese restaurant, but finding one that is really worth your money can be tough. What makes the Peking Duck so unique here is the way it is skilfully and passionately prepared by the chefs at Eastin! 

The beautifully roasted whole duck was brought to the table and the skin carved expertly right before the eyes of the diners, so the oozing juices had indeed made our desire grow. 

 The skin is sliced perfectly with almost no meat underneath it.
Thin and crispy, this is the traditional Peking Duck at its best.

#1 Steaming Hot Egg Crepes with Thick Special Sauce and Scallion

 The nicely sliced Peking Duck skin is then wrapped in egg crepes with cucumber
and a dollop of Ee's special hoisin sauce. 

#2 Whole Peking Duck served with Crepes, Cucumber and Ee's Special Sauce

Moist and tender, the duck rolls are bursting with myriads of flavours from the smoky duck skin, sweet hoisin sauce and subtle egg flavour of the crepe. The cucumber slices and scallion add a nice crunch to the duck rolls.

#3 Minced Duck Meat Wrapped in Lettuce

They do Peking Duck very well here, and you can have it in a second helping, where the duck meat returns to the table fried with a variety of matching ingredients such as mushroom, water chestnut, leek and bamboo shoots. 

 The whole duck, presented in 2 different ways, is delicious to the last bite! 

To complete a satisfying duck affair, diners may opt for the third duck dish, Salted Vegetables Duck Soup (咸菜鸭汤), which comes in a bowl of aromatic clear soup with plenty of ingredients within. Definitely a light yet flavoursome dish to die for.

Next up is an array of dishes to complement with the duck. When the crispy pork is served, its delicious aroma keeps me drooling. Each slice has awesome layers of fat and lean meat, making the meaty portion extremely crunchy, soft and flavourful.

What not to be missed is the house special dip- Spicy Green Chilli Sauce,
which adds a zingy punch to the crispy porky goodness. 

#4 Soup Served With Vermicelli and "Soon Hock" Fish (顺壳鱼汤米粉)

Of course, no Chinese meal is complete without a carb-laden dish. We are served with a hot bowl of vermicelli with fish in which the chef uses a generous amount of fresh Soon Hock fish here to bring out a natural oceanic sweetness.

The highly-prized fish is deep fried into golden crisp perfection on the outside, and very tender inside. Emitting a very fragrant aroma when immersed in the clear, light broth, it makes me hungry all over again! The bowlful of noodles is simply comforting.

#5 Double Boiled Snow Fungus with American Figs

Putting a sweet endnote to our dinner, we have individual portions for the double boiled snow fungus with american figs. The warm dessert is light and not overly sweet. The bits of snow fungus and aloe vera are nice additions to create a lovely crunch in the comforting dessert soup.

#6 Sweet Duets (精美甜品)

The sweet duet of the evening is a combination of Kuih Sago and Osmanthus Jelly. Both are almost too pretty to be eaten, but I prefer the former one, as the lightly sweet tapioca, shredded coconut and sago form a firm piece of dessert that gives a chewy biting pleasure.

If you're an osmanthus fans, the Osmanthus Jelly is a pure gourmet to enjoy to the last bite! Stuffed with osmanthus flower petals and red goji berries, the golden yellow jelly is simply light and refreshing. 

With its emphasis on quality ingredients and its refined setting, Ee Chinese Cuisine is definitely one of my favourite choices among Chinese fine dining restaurants in Klang Valley.

Ee Chinese Cuisine: Peking Duck Delight
Duration: 1st until 31st March 2013
Price: RM58++ per bird 
Availability: All Day Dining
For reservations and pre-ordering, please call Ee Chinese Cuisine at 603-7628 7338.

Ee Chinese Cuisine 颐 
Lobby Level
Eastin Hotel 
13, Jalan 16/11, 
46350 Petaling Jaya, 
Contact: 603-7665 1111
Email: info.pj@eastin.com
Website: www.eastin.com

Business Hours
12noon - 2.30pm (Mondays to Saturdays)
10am - 2.30pm (Sundays & Public Holidays)
6.30pm - 10.30pm (Daily)


  1. honestly i have never tried any duck dish before

  2. duck is one of my favorite meats! i've always loved peking duck, and the one here looks perfect, with that great balance between juiciness and crispiness :D

  3. oh love ur blog! can see lots of food!

  4. peking duck?!!! omgggg! wwhat else u havent eat. TT

  5. Hi Fishee,

    Hope you have had a great CNY celebration!


  6. Minced meat in lettuce leaves can be sooo tasty.

  7. Everything looks so yummy. Esp. the duck!

  8. one piece is definitely not enough for the Peking Duck's roll !


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