04 July, 2013


Before I begin, let me ask you one question: 
When is the longest 5 seconds in your life?

When my friend asked me the same question, I answered immediately, "When waiting for the Youtube advertisement and then click Skip This Ad!" Seriously, sometimes advertisements are really annoying to me because I'm really not interested in whatever it is talking about.

At that moment, I thought how awesome would it be if I can choose what type of advertisement I wanna view. For example, if it is nothing about beauty, food and gadgets, then the advertisement can disappear from my view.

Woohoo! Now Igloo App has made it possible--- The latest fun and exciting way to view ads!

IGLOO APP is a revolutionary mobile application that delivers targeted advertisements solely based on your interest! And the best thing is: Igloo shares their earning from advertisers to YOU, consumer! IGLOO users will receive cash of RM 0.15 every time they click on the advertisement image and video image. Cool right? 

All you have to do is:
Download IGLOO app on App Store (http://bit.ly/1aKG9KC) or on Android Play Store (http://bit.ly/11F3WZ1). Then launch the app, and here's the sign up / login page.

You can choose to sign up by creating a new account or using your existing Facebook account.
In my case, I signed up for a new account using my email (Add me on Igloo ya!)

Some basic details that you need to fill in. 
Important: "Your Interest" area: You can choose from a long categorical list, 
such as automobiles, technology, beauty, fashion, food and many more!

Finally, validate your email and you're ready to earn $$$ from Igloo! 

I think I've clicked health, beauty and fashion to be my list of interests, therefore Igloo has intelligently sort the ads out for me. And by double-clicking a CPC (Cost per click) ads, you're entitled to earn RM0.15!

As for CPV (Cost per video) ads, every click will directs you to a video
....and ka-ching! RM0.15 just drops into your pocket! 

What do you think bout IGLOO? Awesome right? Share the ads with your friends in Facebook and you'll earn $$$ even faster! You can cash out as soon as it reaches RM30 :) Easy pessy!
Share this great news to your friends and family so that we can earn $$$ together! 

Igloo App is now available at iOS (Download: http://bit.ly/1aKG9KC) 
and Android Google Play Store (Download: http://bit.ly/11F3WZ1)

For more information, visit IGLOO App here:


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