29 July, 2013

Review: My Beauty Diary Intensive Care Eye Mask

My Beauty Diary is a pocket friendly beauty mask brand from Taiwan. I bet it is no stranger to you because it is widely available everywhere in shopping malls, online store and even night market! 

Before I begin, I need to remind you that My Beauty Diary can only be found at SASA, Guardian and Watsons, so beware of counterfeit products sold elsewhere!!

It was having a roadshow at Fahrenheit 88 when I spotted My Beauty Diary's latest products: 
Eye Mask.

The eye masks come in 3 variations: (1) Puffiness, (2) Dark Circles 
and (3) Smoothness, each packaged beautifully in a box of 5 pairs.

Imported from Taiwan,  My Beauty Diary is the No. 1 Facial Mask in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore (and most probably the next is in Malaysia!) Look at the cutesy mini mask on my hand, its 'nutrient' can easily absorbed into the skin.

I was invited with many pretty bloggers to celebrate the arrival of the functional eye masks at Malaysia's shore. And it was an all-girls moment again, so let's have fun playing with the masks!

I was fascinated by the cute designs and hoped this could be the remedy for my heavy eye bags :( I couldn't wait but to try all the eye masks as soon as I returned home! 

Time to be a bat woman, pamper your eyes with My Beauty Diary masks!

So I have tried 3 eye masks, on alternate days- Mon, Wed and Fri - after bath. 
And let's see how it works!

Type 1: Puffiness Intensive Care Eye Mask 
Enriched with Vitamin B5 and P to soothe the skin surrounding eye area and reduce its puffiness.

This is the cutest mask I have ever seen! The elegant butterfly shape is designed 
to hug your eye contours and stay in place perfectly. 

Do I look like a superwoman!! Or a thieve? Haha. The mask does not contain much 'juice' (or essence) that I'd prefer but it is pretty relaxing to have a cooling piece of cotton on eyes to reduce puffy bags.

Type 2: Smoothness Intensive Care Eye Mask 
Enriched with Vitamin A and B to nourish and reduce fine lines around eye area.

The flower petals shape is quite large in size for my face (although my face is considered big enough haha) so it kinda sits onto my under-eye area and on my cheek as well. It helps reduce fine lines, so I guess it is more suitable for older ages :P 

Type 3: Dark Circles Intensive Care Eye Mask 
Enriched with Vitamin C and B3 to brighten dark circles and moisturize the skin around eye area.

It's FISH time!! I'm super excited to try the cute little fish shaped eye mask that removes dullness from the eyes. It gives an instant soothing feeling, but I have yet to see the reduction of dark circles. Hopefully it works after few more rounds of using it.

Eye Mask retails at RM29.90 per pack (5 in a pack) 

My Verdict for My Beauty Diary Eye Mask:
1. I love the cute design and ease of use. Just slap on a mask and I can enjoy a soothing effect that makes me feel less tired immediately.
2. I really can't tell how effective it is to reduce fine lines / dark circles coz' I have only used it few times.
3. The mask is unscented, un'flavour'ed, and comes in the most natural way which I feel safe on the skin.

My Beauty Diary products are currently available at
SASA, Guardian and Watsons nationwide.

For more information, visit My Beauty Diary at:
Website: www.beautymall2u.com/


  1. well these stuffs was some sort of a super hero beauty product hahha
    just kidding well i guess it's effective indeed

  2. wooo all the lenglui bloggers! =D
    anyway i need that eye mask! im a panda now! TT

  3. the shapes of the eye mask are really unique!

  4. Superwoman? I thought they looked like cute butterfly glasses ;-)

  5. cute, can wear to a masquerade party, hehe :P

  6. let me know if it really reduce dark eyes circle!

  7. design is so cute! I love the first one


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