06 August, 2013

Tea Time with Meet Fresh (鲜芋仙), Pavilion KL

Meet Fresh is already celebrating its 1st anniversary in Malaysia this year, but I must admit that I have yet to step into this eatery because I'm not a fan of Chinese dessert, especially the overly sweetened Tong Sui (糖水) that feels heavy for me. But my first visit to Meet Fresh last weekend has proven me wrong! 

Established since 2007, Meet Fresh has over 300+ outlets in China and Taiwan. One of the Meet Fresh's first outlets in Malaysia is located at Pavilion. Eventhough I'm not a frequent shopper there, the outlet is easily noticeable at the concourse area at the top level (Same level as Tokyo Street, directly above the stage area). 

I was invited for an afternoon tea session with this Taiwanese dessert brand to experience the authentic taste of yesteryears using traditional and fresh ingredients. The invitation came in the nick of time as a sweet escape from the scorching weather.

In Malaysia, Meet Fresh preserves the best quality of food and holds on its traditional principles. At the mean time, they focus on improving the food quality to attract more people for a taste of these timeless desserts.

Mr. Danny Lim, Malaysia Meet Fresh Director

#1 Winter Melon Tea with Mini Taro Balls  (小芋圆冬瓜茶)

The first thirst quencher we sampled was from the Classic Tea Beverage Series (古味茶飲系列). The tea flavour is indeed delicate, tasty and not bitter. But to my surprise, it doesn't taste as sweet as I'd thought. Plus, the chewy mini taro balls fit perfectly there to add a modern touch to the traditional beverage.

#2 Meet Fresh Signature Herb Jelly (鲜芋仙招牌)

If your body is feeling dry or heaty, then be sure to try the traditionally known cooling Delicate Herbal Jelly Series (滑嫩仙草系列). For the signature dessert, a smooth layer of Herb Jelly is crowned with loads of huge Taro Balls on a bed of Herb Blended Ice.

Even the boss, Mr. Danny Lim gave a thumbs up to this best seller!

Don't forget to add some creamer so that the icy blended herbal ice shave feels more milky in the mouth. The amount of taro balls per portion is the most generous I've seen as compared to other dessert shops, and the quality is well-maintained. It is not too soft or starchy and best paired with the lightly sweetened herbal ice.

#3 Taro Balls No. 4 (芋圆4号)

Out of the 4 signature bestsellers, my biggest applause went for the Handmade Taro Ball Series (手工芋圆系列) in which taro balls and pearls are the main ingredients, and can be easily paired with any 2 choices of ingredients including mung bean, lotus seed, sweet potato and barley.

The combination No.4 exuded a sweet aroma and rich taste from the naturally sweet red beans and chunks of yam. In terms of texture and taste, the combination was a perfect treat especially for the health-conscious.

#4 Tofu Pudding with Peanuts (花生豆花)

I remember vividly the good old days of persuading Daddy to buy me Tau Fu Fah from the hawker in the nearby neighbourhood. The feeling of slurping the silky smooth tofu pudding down the throat is simply satisfying.

For the Tofu Pudding Series (传统豆花系列) in Meet Fresh, only highly-graded soy beans are used to produce fully textured tofu pudding with rich soy aroma. This bowl of douhua with soft boiled peanut not only warms my stomach, but also touches my heart.

I also heard that the bestselling Japanese Q Mochi is equally irresistible, 
especially when you're craving for some light bites.

What I noticed at the counter was the new menu introduced at Meet Fresh. 
You wouldn't be surprised if I come back to try the latest Taiwanese Oyster Vermicelli!

Visit Meet Fresh Taiwanese Dessert House at:

KL: Pavilion KL, Berjaya Times Square, 
Laman Rimbunan Kepong and Bandar Mahkota Cheras 
Penang: Gurney Paragon Mall
Negeri Sembilan: Uptown Avenue Seremban 2

For more information, kindly visit:
Facebook: fb.com/meetfresh


  1. not a fan of thong sui but these looks great

  2. seems like many bloggers have attended this event! never a fan of meet fresh, prefer Snowflake :P

  3. A copycat of Snowflake? Snowflake is not doing well presently, how long will this Meet Fresh last I wonder?

  4. I would probably go for the herbal jelly :)

  5. wa this is very delish! there's a similar concept stall in SG. But different owners.

  6. Delicious in taste and in appearance.

  7. Being cheated by meetfresh pavilion by buying their groupon, groupon deal stated RM20 cash value for all menu but when buying, only allowed certain "cheaper" selection.. And please never try its food (spaghetti/rice), the portion size can't even feed a small children, I finished it within 4 tablepoons!!!


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