18 September, 2013

Celebrate Mid Autumn with Hong Kong Mei-Xin (Maxim) Mooncakes

It's the time of the year again where family reunions and gift-giving become a norm in my family. I love the feeling of getting together with family members whom we don't get to see often, so heart-warming and nostalgic. And this meaningful moment is best completed with a set of delectable mooncakes. 

...presenting to you the Hong Kong Mei Xin mooncakes (香港美心月饼), specially crafted in Hong Kong and air-flown all the way to Malaysia. The gift came at the nick of time, so that I can share the joy with my dearest family. 

 Pure White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Egg Yolk (蛋黄白莲蓉)

I'm a big fan of traditional flavoured mooncakes, such as lotus seed paste (莲蓉) and mixed nuts (伍仁). Out of many that I've tried, Mei-Xin mooncake in baked skin exudes an exceptionally different aroma that I've not experienced in others. 

Using the premium lotus seeds from Hunan in China along with the fine craftmanship of Hong Kong masters of mooncakes, the golden white lotus paste here is extra smooth and creamy. Every mouthful of the lotus paste is surprisingly light and not overly sweetened. In fact, the sweetness comes originally from the lotus seed flavour rather than the usual sugary type in the commercial market.

Another thing I love here is the extra thin crust that exudes delicate fragrance as well as the crystal-like top-graded salted egg yolk sitting delicately on the filling. That combines to make Mei-Xin Lotus Seed Paste a high-quality mooncake, and also the bestseller at Hong Kong for many years. 

Mei-Xin Snowy Twin Mooncakes

As time goes by, people tend to look for new creations and exciting flavours. Not only it is good at maintaining the finest quality of traditional mooncakes, Mei-Xin has 8 types of snow skin flavours, all come in twin pack. 

I heard that one of the highly-recommended variants is the Devil Dark Chocolate Crunch (美心冰皮魔鬼脆脆), a crunchy chocolate crust enveloping rich and creamy dark chocolate with bits of nuts. Simply heavenly to have it as dessert... 

Snow Skin Mooncake - Mango with Pomelo Dessert (杨枝甘露)

If chocolate is not your pick of dessert, then how about a summer series of refreshing fruity flavour? The creamy mango filling is lightly sweet, and well complemented with a robust tangy flavour of pomelo that opens up my palate instantly. The snow skin is so thin that it melts beautifully with the ice-cream-like filling. 

Snow Skin Mooncake - Sesame with Macadamia Nuts (夏威夷果仁芝麻)

I personally prefer sesame because of its rich aroma and the heavy aftertaste that keeps me craving for more. It definitely reminds me of the authentic black sesame ice cream I had in some good Japanese restaurant. 

If you enjoy Goma Ice Cream, you'd definitely love this!

Hong Kong Mei-Xin mooncakes are currently available 
in Private Kitchen Restaurant at Damansara Uptown, 
as well as Jaya Grocer and AEON Jusco nationwide. 

Lastly, www.ohfishiee.com wishes you Happy Mooncake Festival 
and cherish the happy moments with friends and family!


  1. Ahhh... i wanna try the 杨枝甘露 moon cake! Looks so good weih!

  2. I love mooncake, 尤其是冰皮的.... :D

  3. I like the snow skin. Mango with Pomelo Dessert is tempting.

  4. I dont like moon cakes that are too sweet... i would love to try that Mei-Xin Snowy Twin Mooncakes :)


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