06 October, 2013

Bali Hai Seafood Village @ Kota Damansara, PJ

#1 Bali Hai's Top Range: Australian Lobster

If you're craving for fresh seafood in town, Bali Hai is one of the few seafood restaurants that offer wide array of live seafood. True to its tagline, "If It Swims We Have It", the best thing here is that you can choose the swimming sea creature and have it cooked to your desire.

#2 Bali Hai's Balinese Interior

To complete your ultimate seafood experience, Bali Hai has a tasteful mix of colorful interiors, art and old Bali vibe, creating a laid-back loungy atmosphere for guests to dine at their comfort and convenience.

#3 Bali Hai's Main Dining Area 

Bali Hai can easily accommodate more than 500 diners at any one time with ample free parking (The parking fee for the whole evening was only RM1!) minus the hassle of accessibility as it is located directly opposite Sunway Giza Mall, and also next to the budget hotel, Tunes Hotel Kota Damansara. 

#4 Bali Hai's Extensive Selection of Live Seafood

The evening is filled with wide selections of seafood. There are amazing range of fresh live seafood aquarium tanks where you can choose your live seafood and decide the method of cooking it. By far, it's the best way to prepare seafood while preserving its freshness and flavour. 

#5 Bali Hai's assorted range of imported seafood: Alaskan Spider Crab, Emperor Crab, Snow Crab,
Australian Lobster Fishes, Rainbow Lobster, Pearl Lobster, Giant Mantis Prawn, Geoduck, Eels

#6 BBQ Chicken Wings

You can also observe the preparation of your selected seafood from the huge transparent glass separating the diners and the neat, well-equipped kitchen. At Bali Hai, you definitely can't go wrong with a whole new experience of fresh seafood cuisine.

Let's see what we had picked for our seafood feast! 

 #7 Rainbow Lobster and Canadian Geoduck Sashimi with Superior Soup Steamboat 

Sashimi lovers like me often get hooked on fresh salmon and tuna but this is my first time tasting the lobster and geoduck sashimi! I didn't know that raw lobster can taste so refreshing when served chilled on a bed of crushed ice. 

 #8 Canadian Geoduck 

Geoduck is a type of gigantic clam, it is even longer than my arm! Best eaten raw because its juicy freshness will burst through the crunchy, succulent flesh. Despite of the nice texture, I did not fancy the bland taste of geoduck sashimi.

 #9 Australian Lobster

Topping the list of premium seafood at Bali Hai is the huge Australian Lobster, which is also the most valuable fishery in the restaurant. Having it raw is delicious, especially when enjoying the raw and smooth flesh with a dollop of wasabi and soy sauce.

Some who prefer having it cooked can opt for a steamboat pot and enjoy the fresh seafood with robust flavoured herbal soup accompanied with tofu, vegetables and mushrooms. The soup is rather heavy in taste, yet does not overpower the fresh oceanic meat.

#10 Bali Hai Siam Style Claypot Freshwater Lobster 

Next up is my favourite of the evening, a claypot of freshwater lobster slow-cooked in spicy sweet Thai curry. I am surprised that the red fiery looking curry actually tastes sweet and creamy, and exudes strong aroma of coconut milk. 

#11 Freshwater Lobster 

#12 Thai-Style Deep Fried Mackerel (泰式炸马友鱼)

Another noteworthy dish of the evening is the fish. The mackerel is deep fried into golden brown perfection and then topped with Thai chilli sauce and accompanied with tangy Thai style salad. The spicy outer of the fish is well balanced with the oceanic sweetness in its succulent inner flesh.

#13 Stir-fried Clams with Dried Shrimp and Chili Padi (虾米辣仔炒沙白)

Nothing beats a homely recipe like the combination of clams, dried shrimp, chilli padi and garlic. It is a well-cooked dish as many of us enjoy the tender and juicy clams while it is served piping hot from the kitchen.

#14 Stir-Fried Dragon Chives and Shimeji Mushrooms with Crispy Lotus Root (青龙拌水蔬)

Taking a break from the seafood feast, we have the slippery smooth dragon chives crowned with Shimeji mushrooms. This vegetable is pretty simple but very well-cooked with succulent bits of bean sprouts, bell pepper and thin fried lotus root. 

#15 Beancurd with Minced Chicken and Salted Radish (菜香自制豆腐) 

A comfort food which I can enjoy with a large bowlful of rice, the homemade beancurd is heavenly as the golden crispy skin layer envelopes the eggy soft tofu. Paired with crunchy bits of salted radish and minced chicken, it creates a delicious biting pleasure.

#16 Salt-Steamed Chicken (咸香盐蒸马来鸡) 

Poultry is the next best alternative to seafood since Bali Hai is a pork-free restaurant. The kampong chicken is well-suffused with the aromatic herbal essence of Chinese wine and goji berry, creating a discerning taste on its own. 

#17 Japanese Style Seafood Fried Rice (日本粒粒炒香饭)

This is my first time having seaweed fried rice and I love it in a way that it is a welcome change from the ordinary Chinese fried rice. Although it looks overly dark in colour, the taste is impressive with strong aroma of crushed seaweed and natural sweetness from prawns and scallops buried in the rice.

#18 Braised Rainbow Lobster Noodle (龙虾上汤焖伊面)

If you insist to end the 10-course meal with a seafood-based rice or noodle, here's a highly recommended one to satisfy your seafood cravings and fill your stomach comfortably. The noodle is slightly thicker than the usual variant, allowing it to absorb more of the creamy lobster essence. Yummy!

#19 Fresh Fruit Platter (生果和拼)

The evening ends well with a chilled fruit platter after our heavy seafood feast. 

#20 Fresh Fruit Juices

Freshly-prepared thirst quenchers such as carrot, watermelon, 
passionfruit, orange and many more are available here too. 

1. An ideal place for the freshest quality of seafood at reasonable price.
2. Ambiance, taste and presentation wise, I have no complaints but somehow I prefer different ways of cooking the seafood to preserve its original sweetness and texture.
3. Recommended: Braised Rainbow Lobster Noodle, Bali Hai Siam Style Claypot Freshwater Lobster 

Bali Hai Seafood Village
Suria Avenue, Persiaran Mahogani, PJU 5, 
(Next to Tune Hotel, opposite Sunway Giza Mall)
47810 Kota Damansara, 
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
GPS Coordinates: 3.154962, 101.590452
Contact: 603-6141 0033
Fax: 603-6142 6533
Mobile: 6016-461 2333
Email: kotadamansara@balihaiseafood.com
Website: www.balihaikotadamansara.com
Facebook: fb.com/BaliHaiSeafoodVillage
Business Hours: 11am-3pm and 5pm-12am daily


  1. Used to be asia cafe right?.

    Didn't know hv good seafood there.


  2. All images are good and I can't help eating seafood. I always go new Orleans restaurant for eating seafood there seafood is good and I like very much.


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