23 December, 2013

Get FREE Limited Edition Clutch Diaries in CLEO January 2014!

CLEO's latest January 2014 issue is out across Malaysia! It now comes in a whole new image, creating a fresh look for this brand new year. AND the best part about it is, the price remains at RM6 but you can get a FREE limited edition clutch diaries!

The clutch diaries come in 3 designs - Pink with Leopard Prints, Yellow with Zigzag Pattern, and Blue Jeans with Neon Green Pattern. I heard that some major bookstores are not selling it yet, but I have gotten mine from MyNews.com shop at Paradigm Mall. 

I wanted to collect all 3 of them because they look so pretty from the promotional poster. 
But I ended up buying only two because green is just not my cup of tea, HAHA!

Showing off my favourite pink skin with leopard prints! Although the cover looks as if it is furry and has 3D texture, it is actually a 2D printed soft glossy cover, which looks like a note book. Honestly, I would love it more if the cover can be slightly thicker so that it doesn't bend / get crumpled easily. 

Again, the interior is printed in 2D, so don't expect there is a leopard printed pocket at the side. 

I love neon yellow! It's just so electrifying and the printed golden clutch lock enhances its elegance. 

The interior is similar to the previous one, except for the zigzag prints on it. 

I heard that it's going to be a diary planner, but disappointingly, the entire book is filled with 
paper for notes. Nevertheless, it does have a calendar and list of 2014 holiday at the back cover.

Which design do you like the most? I feel that both are pretty, and worth the value for a RM6 
magazine. I hope CLEO is coming up with more surprises for the upcoming Valentine's issue!

MyNews.com at Paradigm Mall only has 100 copies of January 2014 CLEO magazine for grabs. You can also find them at other shops including AEON shopping centre and major bookstores. Get yours today before it runs out of stock! :)

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  1. Nice, i didn't know they had this. Used to read CLEO, but now i'm more to Women's Weekly. Might just look out for it tomorrow when i go out. Thanks for the info dear... ^_^


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