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08 May, 2014

Yeo's 80 Days Drink to Cash: Win RM3,000 daily for 80 days!

I believe Yeo's beverages need no further introduction. Over the years, Yeo's packet drinks have been a family favourite especially during festive seasons. I remember everytime during Chinese New Year, my dad will stock up many cartons of Yeo's chrysanthemum tea at home and I'll surely start drinking before the celebration begins!
Now Yeo's drinks come in bottles, which is more convenient to bring it along over lunch or to office.
During hot days, I'd certainly go for some chilled wintermelon and chrysanthemum teas from Yeo's!

If you're a huge fans of Yeo's like me, here's your chance to win BIG from Yeo's Malaysia!

Step 1: Buy any Yeo’s, Justea or SoyRich range of beverage in Tetra Pak 250ml, Tetra Pak 1L, PET Bottle 350ml, PET Bottle 500ml & PET Bottle 1.5L with codes on pack or using the outlet Official Receipt that has Yeo’s product clearly printed (Official Receipt number as “Contest Code”) for Yeo’s product that does not carry any code.

Step 2: Join Yeo’s Malaysia WeChat Official Account 
by scanning QR code on pack (as shown below) or add WeChat ID: YeosMalaysia

Step 3: There are 2 ways to submit Contest Code:-

1.) Using the Official Receipt number as Contest Code for the purchase of any Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich beverages that does not carry any printed code or
2.) The printed code on Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich beverages 

Key in Contest Code & attach Photo as proof of purchase to Yeo’s Malaysia WeChat Official Account.

Photo submission must meet the following criteria:-

1.) Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich beverage without printed Contest Code – photo must clearly show the quantity of Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich beverage purchased and the Official Receipt number. 

2.) Folding of the receipt is not acceptable.

3.) Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich beverage with printed Contest Code – photo must clearly show the code and the Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich Product must be opened/consumed i.e:-

Tetra Pak 250ml : Insertion of straw or flattened pack
Tetra Pak 1L : The pull tab and cover must be opened or flattened pack
PET Bottle : Cap must be opened next to the bottle

Make sure your photos are visible, clear, and meet minimum visual quality standards!

Step 4: Upon successful submission, Eligible Contestant will receive an official notification from Yeo’s Malaysia WeChat with a hyperlink to view Yeo’s Commercial via Youtube. Any data charges by the respective mobile operator will be borne by the Eligible Contestant.

Step 5: Answer a simple question related to Yeo’s Commercial. The Organiser may change/rotate Commercials/questions during the Contest Period at any time at its sole and absolute discretion. 

Step 6: Retain photo with the Contest Code for verification purposes for Winners. Eligible contestants may submit as many entries as they wish with different contest code. Each contest code is entitled for one entry only. For submission using Official Receipt Number, the number of entries accepted will be dependent on the number of packs purchased/printed on the receipt. 

Grand prize of RM100,000, iPads, special draws up to RM10,000 and daily prizes up to RM3,000 cash are awaiting you! The contest is going to end on 31 May 2014, so keep submitting your entries to gain more chances on winning! Check out the video on the contest here :)

Don’t have WeChat to participate in the contest? No worries. 
WeChat is downloadable for FREE in the PlayStore / AppStore.

For more information about the contest, visit Yeo's Malaysia:


  1. wow!!! drink drink drink... and win!!! i like yeos.. ofcoz

  2. Yes I do! keep submitting the form!! haha. macam war sudah.


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