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03 June, 2014

Gastro Cafe @ SS15, Subang Jaya

Tucked along the shops in the busy streets of SS15, Gastro Cafe is a family owned restaurant that serves a tantalising array of Asian and Western dishes since 2010. As more fancy eateries are blooming in the area, this cafe is kinda losing out but they remain with their principle to always serve great tasting food with best quality!

The interior? Nothing extraordinary, but decent and comfortable for a casual family lunch or dinner here.

Set lunch is available at an affordable price below RM10 except for their signature chicken chop which is RM12.90, with complimentary drinks. A great place for budget lunch among students from Taylors and INTI universities just few streets away.

#1 Complimentary Iced Lemon Tea - Cool and refreshing!

 #2 Nasi Lemak with Sambal Sotong @ RM8.90

Among the local's favourites from kaya toast to ice kacang and cendol, the staple food that almost every Malaysian couldn't resist is of course a plate of hot nasi lemak with huge portion of condiments such as nuts, anchovies, egg and sambal!

Honestly the portion for the rice is rather generous, but I wish to enjoy more of the spicy squids too.

 #3 Nasi Lemak with Halua Fried Chicken @ RM8.90

If you don't fancy Sambal Sotong, the nasi lemak also comes in other variations such as Rendang Beef, Sambal Prawn and Curry Chicken; everything at the same price. The sweet fried chicken is deliciously glazed with special sauce, exuding a strong aroma of spices that goes well with the rice.

  #4 Hainanese Chicken Chop @ RM12.90

Since it's my first visit at Gastro Cafe, I wouldn't miss the chance to try Gastro's signature Hainanese Chicken Chop with crispy potato wedges topped with sliced onions and beans in a bath of thick Asian gravy. Plus, it comes in a soft Hainanese bread where you can dip into the sauce. Definitely a must-try item! 

Beautifully coated with breadcrumb, the well-marinated chicken thigh is crispy on the exterior and tender inside. Paired with the starchy, savoury sauce, the meat is very flavourful although the sauce feels a tad heavy for me.

Wedges, anyone?

1. An ideal casual spot for value breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and even supper!
2. Speaking of the varieties, the menu is far more extensive than Old Town, Hailam Kopitiam or any coffee shop. Surely you wouldn't get bored of the food.
3. Pricewise, it falls on a budget side. Plus, they don't charge any government tax and service charges
4. Must order item: Hainanese Chicken Chop 

Gastro Cafe
4, Jalan SS15/4B, 
SS15, Subang Jaya,
47500 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 603-5611 3171
Business Hours: 9am - 12am daily


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  2. the nasi lemak platters look very tempting, especially with the moist rice :)

  3. Ya, my self do love the nasi lemak at Gastro Cafe. You review is very nice :)


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