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25 February, 2015

Review: KIEHL'S Ultra Facial Cleanser, Toner, Cream

It has been a while since my last beauty shopping ♥ Since KIEHLS is having an awesome promotion now for students, I'm more than happy to stock up some skincare for myself and Mum :D 

Yes, I'm talking about this Student's Special Promo for Kiehl's Hydration Starter Kit (Ultra Facial/ Ultra Facial Oil-Free Range)

Each set consists of 2 full sizes, and you will get 2 deluxe samples for FREE. For example:

Set 1:
Ultra Facial Cream/ Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream (Full size) + Cleanser (Full Size) 
+ Toner (Complimentary Deluxe Sample) + UV (Complimentary Deluxe Sample)

Set 2:
Ultra Facial Cream/ Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream (Full size) + Toner (Full Size) 
+ Cleanser (Complimentary Deluxe Sample) + UV (Complimentary Deluxe Sample)

Additionally, KIEHL's is having a weekday student special promo: Just flash your student card on a WEEKDAY (Mon-Fri) and you'll receive an ADDITIONAL deluxe sample if you purchase any of the Hydration Starter Kit.

 You can read about my review on Ultra Facial Oil-Free Range HERE #1
and the Calendula Soothing and Toning Range HERE #2

If you do not know which product suits your skin the most, expert consultants are always there to assist you :) Plus, at the end of the consultations, you will get complimentary samples for you to try before making your purchase there. SO GOOD right? 

Be prepared to be spoilt with choices! The skin care alone already has loads of ranges from oily skin and anti-aging to hydration and special care range. On the display racks, I notice alot of hair care, body care and fragrances too! 

During my visit, I wanted to try a different range for my skin, but not sure which is better. So the first thing that the consultant did for me was the skin oiliness check--- Just to see whether my skin is dry, oily or combination. 

And she allowed me to try on almost every product in the store!

I found what my skin really needs! Check out what I've got later in this blog post....

But how about if you try everything yet nothing suits you? Well, you can always walk out from the store without purchasing anything :) Try the samples at home, and come back if you really love them! 

What I love about KIEHL'S is its fabulous customer service--- No forced purchase, because customers who trust KIEHL'S will definitely be back for more 

Step 1: KIEHL'S Ultra Facial Cleanser (150ml)

I got myself the 3-step Ultra Facial range--- Cleanser, Toner and Cream ♥ First is the gentle liquid cleanser that I have been using since a month ago, and the tube is still full as if it is brand new! I bet it can last me for 6 months!

Effective and gentle, it has a very thick gel-like texture and does not form as much bubbles as other cleansers do. But it does a great job in deeply cleansing away even the stubborn makeup, without overdrying the skin. My skin becomes less irritable and stays moisturized.

 Step 2: KIEHL'S Ultra Facial Toner (250ml)

After cleansing, applying gentle toner is equally important to balance, hydrate and comfort the skin. Specially catered for normal to dry skin, the toner is mild and moisturizing as it is packed with natural sweet almond oil, apricot oil and avocado oil. 

Unlike the toners from KIEHL'S other skin care range, this one has a thicker texture that feels like whitish emulsion. Therefore it is not as lightweight as I'd expect, but it feels slightly moisturizing to the skin. Just spread lightly over the skin, especially for oily skin under Malaysia's humid weather!

 Step 3: KIEHL'S Ultra Facial Cream (50ml) or 
KIEHL'S Ultra Facial Cream with Intense Hydration

Lastly, always remember to pamper your skin with a 'protective layer'--- KIEHL'S most popular Ultra Facial Cream is famed for its 24-hour hydration. If your skin is drier than usual, then do opt for the one on right--- Ultra Facial Cream Intense Hydration--- for deeper penetration of moisture. 

Honestly I don't have good feeling about "cream" because it usually turns out greasy, heavy and clogs my pores. But surprisingly, KIEHL's is so lightweight that it can easily be absorbed into the skin without leaving any sticky residue at all! 

A little from the tiny jar can go a long way :) A light and thin layer is sufficient to give you great hydration, and I love using it to protect my skin before putting on makeups. 

Overall, the Ultra Facial range is suitable for my dry and oily skin  My favourite product is the Ultra Facial Cream because of its great hydration benefits and oil-minimizing feature. The entire range is free from fragrance, which is exactly what I want. And I can use them as day skin care under makeup and night regime before bed. 

If you happen to purchase KIEHL'S products and find them not suitable for you, you're lucky because KIEHL'S has a 100% satisfaction and money-back guarantee policy for customers, within 28 days of purchase! 
1. How often do you get affordable skincare that really works? It is rare, but KIEHL'S indeed promises good results at great value!
2. If you have dry to oily skin, the Ultra Facial range will work wonders. Hopefully I can see the result of better moisture on the skin soon! 
3. Efficacious skin care and pocket-friendly! Repurchase? Of course!

For more information, visit Kiehl's Malaysia at:
Twitter: @myKiehls


  1. that is nice that they don't force a buy! it is hard to have that pressure.


    1. Hello Winscribbles, yes I couldn't agree more! It's nice to have KIEHL'S practising such policy globally :) Have you tried their products before? What do you think?

  2. Wow.... love your review... so pretty and colourful....

    drop by if you have the time... thanks

    1. Dear Miera,

      That's so sweet of you! :) Hope you love KIEHL'S products as much as I do too, check them out if you have not tried them before!


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