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01 April, 2015

Honest Review about Malaysian Property

Let's face the reality, we can't stay as kids under our guardians' care forever. When my best friend tells me that he is planning to get married and therefore looking for a house, I can feel that I, too, am approaching the age of a 'mature adult'. 

Once you have entered the corporate world for a couple of years and plan to buy a property for future, congratulations because you're doing great in your years of adulthood! Well, I'm sure everyone has his own dream house but practically-speaking, home-buying is not as simple as our usual shopping. 

To help my friend in finding a suitable home that is strategically located and meets his budget, I have stumbled upon many Malaysian property sites but among all, PropSocial is the first that impresses me with loads of comprehensive property information and honest reviews from users around the country. 

Honestly, I have never realized that searching for properties can be so easy without any property agents! The site is able to narrow down the searches as you specify the type of preferred property, size, budget and key features. And I'm able to find my ideal property within minutes! 

Although the site is pretty new and still lacks of ads content, I love how complete and reliable the overall information about a property and its neighbourhood are. You'd love this feature if you're planning to get a unit of property for the first time and you're not familiar with the current Malaysia real estate market.

Well, common information about properties may be available elsewhere, but how about honest, unbiased reviews of the users about the properties around Malaysia? Head to the discussion board and you'll be surprised by plenty of interesting topics relating to the property market :) I find it useful for newbies like myself! 

I'm just sharing my thoughts about what's worth recommending to you guys :) Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced owner, hop over to and share your thoughts with the borderless community on the Internet! 


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