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27 May, 2015

BlackBall Dessert Cafe @ SS15, PJ

Blackball, the Taiwanese-based dessert chain has been around for many years and has gained a strong reputation as one of the most popular desserts in the hood. Using mostly premium ingredients imported from Taiwan, Blackball is probably the name you'd think of when you're craving for fresh grass jelly and handmade yam balls desserts.

I tried to Google about BlackBall review and found my own blog post. Haha. Can't believe that my last visit to BlackBall was in 2012, which I blogged about it HERE! Nevertheless, there are so many new items now that I haven't tried before, while the other signatures remain the same.

Signature Dessert (招牌甜品)

 Durio Delish (榴莲至尊)

In fact, Blackball Malaysia has more to offer! Durian lovers can rejoice because Blackball now features our local favourite King of Fruit in its dessert range. The generous bowl of Durio Delish wows us with its strong sweet scent of durian that pairs excellently with mung beans, red beans and grass jelly without being overpowering.

But it is the scoop of durian ice cream that has us on cloud nine. Blended using real durian fruit from Pahang, we are delighted to enjoy the original texture of the flesh that is soft, moist and rich in itself. Moreover, you can also taste a subtle durian fragrance from the smooth durian-infused shaved ice on the base.

So creamy and rich!

Passionate Lychee Iceberg (恋夏荔枝冰)

Emphasizing on using natural ingredients, lychee series is another recent addition on Blackball's menu that you should try for a refreshing twist of flavours. I love the fluffy soft texture of crushed ice that is drizzled with lychee syrup, with no sugar added. 

Enjoy it with the chewy mini taro, lychee, crunchy seeds and vanilla ice cream while it is icy cold!

Golden Sweet Corn Delight (黄金玉米冰)

Another highlight is the sweet corn shaved ice base that complements well with the bouncy taro balls, brown sugar jelly, sweet corn and grass jelly. The sweet corn flavour is so distinct that it infuses fragrance into the bowl of goodness yet it does not taste overcloying for me. 

Melon Jade Jelly (黑丸嫩爱玉)
While some love to try new flavours, others may find greater comfort in a traditional bowl of chilled aiyu jelly that is so soft and smooth that it glides into the mouth with a burst of zesty lemon flavour. The slightly tart toppings keep the overall sweetness level just right for me. 

Black Ball Signature (Grass jelly ice base) (大黑丸)

Despite of having many new hot and cold varieties, Blackball's signature grass jelly dessert remains as the crowd's all-time favourite and it certainly does not fall short in terms of taste, texture and portion. The colorful toppings consisting of boiled sweet potato, honeyed yam, red beans and pearls are exceptionally chewy, tasteful and addictive for us! 

For the extra punch, a shot of creamer helps to unleash the full flavour of the grass jelly.

Hot Black Ball Signature (Jelly Base) (黑丸烧仙草)

If you're craving for a tinge of heat in your dessert, Blackball's signature dessert comes in a hot version. While the toppings remain the same, the base is replaced with thick layers of warm grass jelly that exudes stronger aroma with herbal aftertaste and has much silkier yet denser texture.

Hearty Balls with Hot Soya (包心丸热豆浆)

Another equally tummy-warming dessert offered here is the warm soy milk with grass jelly and Blackball's special "hearty balls". All the fancy colours are the glutinous balls which are filled with yam and sweet potato! Both are very chewy and fill up the stomach easily after a few mouthfuls. 

Specialty Drink Series (特色风味饮)
3Q Passion Fruit Green Tea (百香3Q绿茶), Winter Melon Tea with Sky Pearls (冬瓜寒天球茶),
'BOBA' Milk Tea 波霸奶茶

For a quick sip at Blackball, all beverages here are customizable in terms of the amount of ice and level of sweetness. Ingredients such as black pearls, nata de coco, pudding and sky pearls provide interesting textures to spice up your day and make your drinks less boring. 

Takeaway and delivery options are available at Blackball, and you can always bring the signature hearty balls (comes with Bentong Ginger Powder Sachet to get your sweet ginger soup ready!), jade and grass jelly home to share with your loved ones.

In a nutshell, BlackBall Taiwanese desserts and drinks are perfect for a hot scorching day or even on a cold day when you are craving for something sweet! Blackball beverages and desserts are available cold, warm, hot or icy, at a price ranging from RM5.90 to RM13.90.

1. One bowl of BlackBall signature dessert was RM6.50 back then, now it is RM7.50. I find it still very fairly priced as compared to Korean shaved ice desserts that can go up to RM20++ per bowl! Plus, the portion remains generous and jam-packed with decent ingredients from Taiwan.
2. Love the concept of using 100% vegetarian and healthy ingredients that make the indulgence less sinful.
3. Recommended: Durio Delish, Blackball Signature (Hot and Cold)

BlackBall Dessert Cafe
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