28 October, 2015

Home Party with Bread, Cake and Pastry from Cake Sense

Hello, sunny egg tarts!

Do you ever pass by a bakery and just can't resist the beautiful aroma of fresh bakes? At that moment, it tempts me to browse what's in store and grab some items home. And I often overbuy because every thing looks too good to be missed! 

Perhaps because my whole family can't bake, we often buy from the shop and our favourite is no other than Cake Sense. They have a wide range of buns, pastries and cakes, but what keeps us going back again and again is their signature Portuguese egg tarts.

Portuguese Egg Tarts @ RM6.90 for 3 pieces / RM12.60 for 6 pieces 

Flaky crisp skin with slightly burnt edges, silky smooth eggy filling with subtle sweetness,
that's just... so heavenly! What else could I ask for? I can eat 3-4 pieces of this at one go!

Apart from tarts, sweet bread like the Red Bean Bun is equally good as breakfast or afternoon snack. Mom usually keeps few pieces of these at home for snacking. But if you are a true bread lover, nothing beats the enjoyment of having Cake Sense's signature Eurosoft bread!

What is Eurosoft? They are made from homemade yeast, hence the texture is extra soft on the inside while retaining a thick crunchy crust that reminds me of the German's favourite rustic loaves. Definitely a hearty staple at every home!

Nankoku Honey Nut @ RM7.40

My personal favourite is the Nankoku honey-sweet bread, generously loaded with crushed red beans and pistachios that give out aromatic nuttiness to balance out the sweet flavour. Love its soft texture that I can enjoy directly without any reheating. Highly recommended!

SO SOFT!! And full of nutty goodness!

Raisin Mix Grain @ RM7.40
Another great choice if you prefer something more plain yet hearty.
All the breads from Cake Sense can last 4-5 days, so don't worry about buying too much! :P

Chocolate Walnut @ RM6.90
Wow, the generous filling of chocolate chips make this a favourite among kids!

.....and plain cakes there can be equally indulgent!

The cakes are always our life saviour whenever we are having small gatherings with relatives and friends at home. Since we can get good quality cakes with minimal sugar and artificial flavours outside, then why not serve them to our guests?

Honey-B Cake @ RM11.70

Light, fluffy sponge with a gentle hint of pure Australian honey.
The texture is just so airy and light that I reckon this is how a sponge cake should be!

Parmesan Cheese Cake @ RM17.00

Great if you prefer something more savoury.
I'd love the cheese to be heavier thou.

All Natural Banana Cake @ RM11.70

They even have really good banana cake in store! Extremely rich in real banana taste,
without any "artificial" flavouring. Each slice is a true enjoyment of natural tropical goodness.

Farmhouse Cake @ RM28.00

Highly recommended-- I can finally indulge into the fibre-packed carrot cake without guilt! Cake Sense's version is made of pure shredded carrot with bits of raisin, and totally no sugar added.

If you are planning to throw a home party but can't bake on your own,
I think the loaves, cakes and pastries can be real party stunner!

1. Quality is definitely not compromised here. Most products are crafted using "real, natural ingredients" freshly baked in-store from the oven. Love the generous fillings in the loaves!
2.  Unique varieties, with more affordable price tags compared to many artisan bakeries.
3. Recommended: Portuguese Egg Tarts, Nankoku Honey Nut Eurosoft Bread, Banana Cake 

Happy Shopping at Cake Sense!
Website: www.cakesense.com
Facebook: fb.com/cakesense
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