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07 October, 2015

Review: Yuan Soap (阿原肥皂) Handmade Hydration Soap

How often do you get personalized body care products which are specially catered to address your skin? I believe 90% of us will just buy the commercial type of bath products from supermarkets, but I am pretty sure that you'd change your mind after you have tried the organic handmade soap from Yuan Soap (阿原肥皂).

Honestly, I only started to appreciate the goodness of natural soap after I had once experienced itchy and uncomfortable skin due to my skin sensitivity towards overly strong shower gel. Slowly I learn how the natural flowers, plants, roots, leaves and stems are able to benefit the skin.

Hydration Skin Set @ RM69.00

And that's why Yuan Soap has formulated more than 25 types of soaps to cater for different skin types. The best part is, it has its own FARM in Taiwan to harvest all the natural ingredients used in the soap! The moment I unbox the product, it is a pleasant surprise to me as it exudes refreshing herbal aroma. Hahah, I am feeling so zen here! 

Alpinia Speciosa Soap (阿原月桃皂) - 50g

From the Flower Series, Alpinia Speciosa is part of the Ginger family, otherwise known as Shellflower. Alpinia helps promote collagen production, hence slowly your skin will feel healthier, firmer and younger looking.

Tithonia Soap (阿原金英皂) - 50g

Also from Yuan Flower Series which are made with high anti-oxidant properties oil such as avocado oil, wheatgerm oil and olive oil, this is more suitable for my Mom and Aunt. It works well on mature skin, and helpful for those undergoing menopause. They will be happy to use this soap to prevent age spots, wrinkles and dry skin conditions!

Purple Gromwell and Roselle Soap (紫草洛神皂) - 50g

Third is my personal favourite: A great detoxify-er which helps to unearth impurities deep within the skin. So if you have acne-prone skin or blackheads and whiteheads, it's time to put a glow to your dull skin. All in all, this soap from Herb Series is best to cleanse, nourish and refresh the skin.

Some may say the quality is inconsistent in terms of aroma, color and appearance. But that's what I like about Yuan Soap -- 100% handmade with love, using the most natural resources without preservatives, colourings and artificial fragrance.

I use only half a bar as bodywash, and personally I find it easy to lather and wash off after that. The strong herbal flavour is quite pleasing to me, not as "medicinal" as I thought. It feels more refreshing and soul-soothing after bath! ❤ Highly recommended for teenagers and young adults. 

Verdict: Overall, the quality of the handmade soap is pretty good, and each bar is affordably priced. I love how each and every soap helps to address different skin issues, and it is multi-functional-- Perfect from head to toe! 

Yuan Soap (阿原肥皂) is available in FULL size (100g) @ RM36.90 each at:


  1. I agree! LOVE how they cater to our sensitive needs. I think i am in love <3

    1. Dear Juneci, glad to hear that! <3 You can get it at really affordable price now via NattaCosme :D

  2. As a banana, I tend to avoid using products with Chinese names that I can't read. However, this looks like a good recommendation to use products that are customised to out own skin types. Thanks for sharing.

  3. wow nice Yuan soaps, always been wanting to try them. But the price always pull me back.

  4. Im suppose to review this too! haha. Cant wait to get it into my bathroom! :D

  5. So pretty.. I love the packaging..... it looks tempting.. and I might just check it out....

  6. This is so outstandingly beautiful!~ I think it's extra nice, right?

  7. so pretty i love the packaging. very zen feel

  8. I have also started using mineral -based soaps only.
    The packaging looks very beautiful that it looks like collectibles.

  9. Bestkan hand made soap ni
    I pun guna tapi bukan brand ni..

  10. oh dear, my favorite natural soap! I love their fragrant and suitable for all type of skin. Use their 艾草 soap before, and really effective in reducing my skin acne :D

  11. My mom and I really love a natural handmade soap Cus it is healthy! It also help to make our skin more clear. I see your review show the packing and brand logo Chinese also very nice

  12. I love handmade soap. I make them sometimes though it could be slightly a hassle to purchase the raw materials. Natural soaps are good for skin and these Yuan soaps looks nice too!

  13. some new to try.. will try it soon :)

  14. Heard so much about this brand, would really like to try it out too one day :)

  15. always love to try something natural, wont harm our skin!
    thanks for sharing

  16. The soap looks so pretty I think this will make for a fancy exquisite gift too

  17. These soaps look amazing babe. Love the packaging that it came along with it as well :) Gorgeous shots!

  18. so luxurious.. handmade with love and care :)

  19. Nice, interesting to see more and more custom made soaps appearing in the market.

  20. its nice...cant wait to share it in my blog.. :)

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