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21 March, 2016

ck2 #the2ofus ; Our Story of Growing Up Together ❤

ck2, the thrill of youth, when we are #the2ofus

Sometimes I'd think life is too short for me to meet the perfectly imperfect person that can enjoy this long but exciting journey with me. Some are lucky to be able to meet the soulmates of their lives, some are not. But I am glad to have met my BFF since primary school and grow up together with her.

17 years of friendship, and still counting... Believe it or not, no 2 connections in this world are the same. We are both Scorpions and our birthday is just 2 days apart. We stayed in the same neighbourhood, went to the same primary and secondary schools, attended the same course in different universities, and now work in the same industry. We own the same crop top coincidentally, love having breakfast set for dinner, fall for the same type of guys, afraid of cockroaches and more... 

She is the only person who shares so many similarities with me. We think alike, act alike, and we enjoy each other's companion and the thrill of #the2ofus. Even our preference for perfume is the same! Our new ck2 fragrance exudes a sense of electic freshness and warmth that reminds me that I am not alone, that someone is always here to share the excitements and hardships in life with me. 

ck2, is not just a scent, but a multi-faceted scent that changes according to individuals. 

The composition opens with an unexpected spice flavour of wasabi, mandarin and violet leaf absolute. This unique scent is deepened with a refreshing blend of wet cobblestones, orris concrete and rose absolute, resting on a base enriched with creamed sandalwood, vetiver and sensual musk.

When I spray it on myself, the fragrance exudes an urban woody freshness with strong hints of sweetness. But when the scent lingers on my BFF, it is actually more earthy and less sweet.

Sounds strange but it is true!  I'm amazed and this is definitely a unique feature that I like about ck2. 
Exploring through the scent, it indeed tells a different story in each and every one of us.

The bottle? I'd say it is simplicity at its best! I usually consider the bottle design before purchasing any perfume, but sometimes nothing actually beats minimalistic design like ck2. It feels as if it is luring me to look through the clear container and experience the scent before applying it.

From the clear cylindrical container with a solid square cap that allows the bottle to sit onto it, I notice that it totally fits into ck2's character of being a cool and gender-free fragrance. So pure, transparent and it is all up to you to share the scent with someone important in your life.

Let's see how the 2-part design literally brings both male and female elements into one, just like how the scent connects you and I together. The classic bottle can be placed upright or upside down, both ways look elegant to me anyway. Whether it is between me and my BFF, partner or family, the bottle is well-designed for #the2ofus.

Beyond this bottle, the ever changing scent of ck2 is a resemblance of our youth-- So diverse, free and bold; Our adventure of growing up into adults is similar to the story of the iconic ck one growing into a globally known fragrance that has led to the birth of ck2

May our friendship continues to grow, just like how ck one grows and brings in ck2.

eau de toilette spray (100ml) @ RM289
eau de toilette spray (50ml) @ RM219
deodorant stick (2.6oz/75g) @ RM89

Wanna explore the scent between you and your significant one? Head over to ck2 Mid Valley Center Court launch happening 21st – 27th March 2016 and experience it yourselves or enjoy the fabulous deals at all ck outlets nationwide!


  1. So blessed to have her as your bff for so long.

    I love CK1. Was using that during my college years. Now CK2 is out. Must check it out.

  2. Although I am not a perfume person, but I do collect perfume because of their creative packaging/ bottle,
    and I LOVE this packaging a lot

  3. I can see you have similar pants too. How awesome it is to have a best friend like that. It is a blessing.

  4. Both of you looks so cute together. How I wish to enjoy and have fun with my bff back, seriously need to get a time for it. I love the perfume because hub pernah gave me 1 of it to me.. now im no longer interested in CK2..

  5. their packaging very cute....if u not mention is a scent, i tot is a water bottle...hehe

  6. Sweet and so envy that you have such a nice bff!!!

  7. ah money can't buy a bff! Nice perfume it seems.

  8. I wish I had a BFF like that I can count on.... so while you have her, cherish both your friendships... CK has always been one of my favorites so this would be something I will definitely look into as well...

  9. It's easy to find a friends but it's hard to find someone that can cray cray with you, if we did then we call it as bff. Glad you find the one. :) Btw, CK always has amazing scent sumore this is a fragrance for beloved one. Awesome!

  10. If I buy this for my bff, she will give it to her hubby. Hahaha! Well, both of us have kids now, hardly see each other. :D

  11. So good to have someone to share your life and worries with. Good to have a bff that understands. Cherish each other! This is the 3rd post on this fragrance now I'm super curious lolx

  12. Best friend is hard to find especially the one who shared the same interest with us. You're lucky coz' both of you love CK2, a truly great brand.

  13. so lucky that both of you have found each other since primary school! love your article and images as it reminds me of my good times with my BFF as well.

  14. Like the new packaging, super sleek & nice! Very different compared to the previous signature bottle design.

  15. Awww... those are very sweet photos of you and your BFF. And may your friendship grow and be stronger.

  16. This is so sweet having BFF photos together with your BFF! I want to try it next time =D Should get 1 of this fragrance for my BFF as well!

  17. Such a sweet friendship story of you and your bff! Great to be able to share this perfume with her. Better check out this fragrance in stores

  18. Awh that was such a sweet story Fish <3 Loving the photos - you can definitely see a connection there but in the meantime, will take a look at the fragrance for it looks really good.


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