12 May, 2016

CoolSculpting is here at ME Clinic, Berjaya Times Square, KL!

A big Hello from me at ME Clinic! ❤ I have heard about ME Clinic from many famous local artists, but this is my first time stepping into this place during the grand launch of its latest treatment called CoolSculpting.

Some of you may not have noticed that ME Clinic is actually conveniently located inside Berjaya Times Square, KL. Tucked at the corner of the lower ground floor, it is just next to Cosway, easily noticeable with a bright see-through glass entrance and purple signage. 

As a first timer here, I just fill in my basic details before consulting the doctor on aesthetics, particularly on the newly launched CoolSculpting by Zeltiq, aka "Fat Freezing Treatment" that every girl would dream for! 

The waiting lounge at ME Clinic; So comfy and beautiful right! It makes me feel at ease, as if I am at home.

Well, aesthetics is something unfamiliar for some, if not for most people out there. Most of the time, people are reluctant to go for such treatments because of the risks associated with injections, pills, and surgeries.

Honestly I have doubts in mind too, but not anymore as soon as Dr. David and his partner make me fully understand how does CoolSculpting work in our body. It is the only FDA-approved, non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise. Hence, the results are proven, noticeable, and lasting!

In short, it is non-surgical, non-invasive, no needles, no downtime, effective and safe.

At ME Clinic, you can choose from 5 types of CoolSculpting treatments (Some aesthetic clinics may only have 1 or 2 of them, but here they have 5!), each targeted on different body part to effectively freeze the fat without harming the cells around it.

CoolMini Procedure: Eliminate double chin.
CoolSmooth Pro Procedure: For outer thigh and non-pinchable fat area.
CoolFit Procedure: For arm and inner thigh.
CoolCore Procedure: To sculpt abs waist and sides of body.
CoolCurve+ Procedure: For small body area such as waist and bra budge.

The one I'm interested in is the CoolSmooth Pro Procedure targeted for the thighs.

Don't belittle the tool, it is able to target on the fat cells — without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue. Fat cells that are frozen during the CoolSculpting procedure gradually die off and leave the body through the body's natural elimination process! 

One thing for sure is, CoolSculpting results are long-term because treated fat cells are gone for good. Personally, I find that such procedure seems safer and more reliable, with lesser bounce-back impact on the body.  

To attend to our curiosity, Dr. David takes us through the process through a live demonstration on Cole, after giving us the big picture of CoolSculpting and explaining the procedures it takes.

Cole is doing his CoolMini Procedure, on his double chin area. For small area like this, it requires another type of techy machine-- Small yet mighty, it is able to deliver effective results like the other types of CoolSculpting applicator.

On the machine itself, there is an interactive screen to monitor the procedure. Cool, isn't it? :D

I have just made my appointment for my very first CoolSculpting treatment. Can't wait to try it out!
Don't forget to check out ME Clinic's Instagram or Facebook Page for the latest updates!

ME Clinic
Lot No. LG-18,
Lower Ground Floor (West Wing),
(Next to Cosway) 
Berjaya Times Square,
No. 1, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Hotline: 03-2143 3866
WhatsApp: 018-222 8122
Website: www.meclinic.com.my
Facebook: www.facebook.com/meclinic
Instagram: www.instagram.com/meclinictimessquare


  1. Wah not bad leh, can cut on any additional oil layer under our skin! Suitable for those who really need :)

  2. Don't forget to share about your experience after your meeting with MeClinic!

  3. I heard its hurt for this treatment. Can't wait for you to share your experience.

  4. u look so sweet in the dress. I still rmb my coolsculpting edxperience, which was a painful one lol

  5. first time heard about this technique. can't wait for you to share your own experience!

  6. This procedure looks like a dream to get rid of those fats!
    I cant wait for you to show your results!!

    much love,

  7. woah! such a cool treatment. But dont think you will need it haha

  8. looks cool ~ first time know about this type of treatment ~waiting for your next treatment post ..^^

  9. wow... I think I need this treatment.... but ehhh... you do not need it lahhhh

  10. Looks great... But I don't think you need it.. haha.. Already looks so pretty...

  11. Wow... Looks like I know where to recommend my aunt for this treatment. Looks not bad and just at BTS, no issue la.. ^.^

  12. I heard this technique quite sometime, quite a good response, which is effective and better than old technique.

  13. Oh, I heard of this treatment before. Can;t wait to read about your experience! If it works, let us know so that we can get rid of stubborn fats too!

  14. Wanted to see your result after the sculpting hehe! This place looks quite professional and spacious =D Looks like a really effective treatment !!

  15. You're already so slim! The clinic is nicely set up, very inviting!

  16. I need some slimming treatment! Hope to become slim like you.

  17. lets go do it :D... together gether look slim and pretty. hehe.

  18. oh wow ! i wish to try it out to cut down my fat ~ hope they have it in jb

  19. Amazing machine that could cool zap away fats... I so need this! You don't need lah, so slim and pretty!

  20. My friend keep complains about her appearance problem, will share this post with her :)

  21. I want to give this a go also haha! Didn't know this was available in Msia!

  22. Looks like a nice friendly clinic to check out. Would love to check it out


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