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05 May, 2016

Review: YVES ROCHER Low Shampoo + Rinsing Vinegar

Hello babes! If you notice about the beauty trend nowadays, it is moving towards "going natural" with plant-based ingredients that are deemed "eco-friendly" to our skin. Well, truly botanical brands are actually few and far between. A prominent one that I know of is Yves Rocher, the pioneer for women’s botanical beauty since 1959.

Since my first Yves Rocher experience in 2013, its expertise in Botanical Beauty Research that turns the world's botanical active ingredients into botanical beauty innovation, has indeed changed my perception towards the traditional, natural and effective formula.

I am a fan of its bath and body products, but this time around I am attracted by its newly-introduced hair care products that contains 0% sulfate, silicone, colorant and paraben, which are amongst the common ingredients in commercial shampoos.

Yves Rocher Low ShamPoo (200ml)

I have tried those conventional shampoos as well as dry shampoo sprays, but this is my first time hearing about the Low Shampoo, a shampoo without foam for healthy and delicate cleansing that protects hair fibre and leaves hair silky smooth.

The formula is 99% of natural origin which reduces aggression to the hair scalp,
so don't worry about damaging the hair!

After trying it, it totally changes the way I wash my hair. Without foam, you might think that you can't "see" the cleansing process. But it actually means that there is no harmful sulfate "detergents" which strip off the natural oil on the hair. In other words, cleansing is more delicate now, but still very effective to remove impurities.

HOW TO USE: Apply on wet hair, using fingers to spread the cream down to the ends and rinse thoroughly.

For first time users, it is recommended to use Low Shampoo alternatively with your shampoo in the beginning to allow the hair scalp to gradually recondition and rebalance itself towards the daily usage of Low Shampoo.

Texture wise, it feels like applying conditioner onto the hair as it is thick and creamy although not as "slippery" as the conditioner. As I massage through the hair, it surprises me that there is absolutely no foam at all. 

The resulting feel on the scalp is great-- Clean, refreshed and free from oil.
Whereas the hair ends feel softer and smoother now.

Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar (150ml)

Low Shampoo is power-paired with the Rinsing Vinegar, a traditional remedy used by French women to keep hair soft, shiny and radiant. The 98% natural formula is composed of French origin vinegar and raspberry, no wonder it smells so good with the fresh berry scent! 

Vinegar has always been known for its hair-smoothing properties and ability to reduce lime scale build-up. And this genuine traditional remedy helps seal hair cuticles to enhance natural shine, hence suitable even for the most sensitive hair type.

The hair usually becomes rough and dull under hot and alkaline environment. Therefore vinegar is needed to smooth down the hair scales, resulting soft, shiny and radiant hair.


1. Use Rinsing Vinegar at final rinse after shampoo and conditioner.
2. With about 5 bottle shakes, apply Rinsing Vinegar by thoroughly sprinkling over hair.
3. Lather and massage for 1 minute and then rinse with cold water. Use twice a week.

After shaking the bottle, a layer of bubbles is formed on the top. But the vinegar poured out remains in liquid form. I tried massaging the product into the hair cuticles after conditioner, and again there is no bubble / foam produced. The resulting effect is totally cleansed hair with touches of radiance and softness. 

1. I love the ease of use of both shampoo and rinsing vinegar. So convenient, natural and does not harm the scalp and hair cuticles.
2. It is helpful to smoothen and add radiance to the hair, which I find it extra useful for my bleached and colored hair ends. 
3. A prolonged usage is able to give the hair a better overall health :) 

Low Shampoo is available at all outlets from 1 April 2016 onwards at all Yves Rocher outlets and E-Store for RM43 for 200ml and Rinsing Vinegar is priced at RM48 for 150ml.

Yves Rocher Stores
Alamanda Shopping Mall (Lot G43B / 03-8881-1658)
1 Utama Shopping Mall (Lot F102B / 03-7722-4187)
Sunway Pyramid (Lot G1.116A / 03-7494-0448)
Setia Alam (Lot LG-55 / 03-3358-1491)
Suria Sabah (Lot G73A / 088-488-648)

Yves Rocher Parkson Counters
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Parkson Gurney Plaza (04-226-5376)
Parkson Nu Sentral
Parkson KLCC

Yves Rocher AEON Counters
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AEON Bandaraya Melaka (06-281-2567)
AEON Quill City Mall

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  1. As what I know, vinegar is actually good for our body, so this is a healthy product. =)


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