09 May, 2016

US Burger & Fries Fiesta is here in KL/PJ!

Calling for all burger fans out there! Well, don't you agree that burgers and fries are just the best combination on Earth? Juicy patties, fluffy buns, and crisp fries with a dash of special sauce, it's simply perfect for me. 

So, you shouldn't miss the very first U.S. Burger and Fries Fiesta, held by U.S. Potato Board from 1st to 31st May 2016. The campaign sees the convergence of 19 popular burger joints and cafés within Klang Valley to serve up a unique creations of U.S. fries with burgers like never seen before.

Do you agree, what elevates your whole burger-eating experience is actually the fries? And U.S. is, by far, the best producer of fries due to the ideal growing temperatures, rich soil, state-of-the-art processing facilities and generations of expertise. 

These high-quality and safe frozen potato products.are high in "solids" and low in sugar content, even after processing, hence achieve a desirable appearance, taste and texture.

Through the U.S. Fries and Burger Fiesta, you'd get to savour the “best burgers served with the best fries”! Plus, the variety of different U.S. fries is aplenty. Many of the participating outlets are offering new cuts of U.S. fries for the first time.

I wanna try the U.S. fries that come in better flavours, taste, textures and portion!

There will also be an Instagram contest where 3 winners weekly with the best pictures of them enjoying the promotion U.S. fries and burgers will win RM150 cash prizes weekly. All you have to do is send your picture of #USFries&BurgerFiesta to U.S. Potato Board!

Don't forget to check out the below U.S. Burger and Fries Fiesta participating outlets for these limited-time dishes!

Outlet names
Dish names
Big Hug Burger
·         Nasi Lemak Burger
·         Grilled Buffalo Chicken Burger
Brooklyn B-Venture
·         Philly Cheese Steak
·         Deli Chicken


·         Moo
·         Spicy Cajun Chicken
Choo Choo Chicken
·         Choo Choo Cham Chi Chicken
·         Choo Choo Bulgogi Burger
Crazy Bites
·         Teriyaki Rooster Bites
·         Honolulu Ox Bites
Fatboy’s The Burger Bar
·         The Breakfast Stack
·         The Meaty Mania   
Hide & Seek Cafe
·         Signature Pork Burger
·         Juicy Chicken Burger
Junkyard Burger
·         Lamb Tzatziki BURGER
·         Texas-Hold Me Burger
·         Santa Fe Burger
·         Frito Pie

Kulcat Bariror

·         Green Chilli Locos
·         Double Trouble
Melur & Thyme
·         Mushroom Swiss Beef Burger
·         Smoked Duck Sandwich
Mini Mini Café

·         Roasted Chicken Burger
·         Ox Bites Burger
My Burger Lab
·         A+ Burger 
·         Beautiful Mess
The Card Cafe
·         Card Café Crispy Fish Burger
·         Card Café Signature Chicken Burger
The Grind Burger
·         Grind House Burger
·         JD Burger
The Burger Factory
·         Beef Burger On Fire
·         Burger Factory Signature
Swensen Cafe
·         Double Cheese Beef Burger
·         Swensen’s Ultimate Chicken Burger
Carl’s JR 
·         Chili Cheese Fries
·         Chili Cheese Burger
Tryst Cafe
·         Pancake Chicken Burger
·         Cheese Potato Wedges

Be prepared to enjoy U.S fries and burger combos like never before!
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