08 June, 2016

RM1 Sweet Treat at Sunway Pyramid- Yes, only RM1!

Does the title sound tempting? Yes, it's true! Now we can enjoy yummy desserts in Sunway Pyramid at only RM1 each
How to redeem? Read on to find out more....

If you are in the vicinity of Bandar Sunway during lunch hour, then this is definitely a good deal for you. Just swing by Sunway Pyramid at 1pm on weekdays, and indulge in something SWEET by just paying RM1.

How SWEET, you may wonder? Well, on a:
1. Tuesday you can bite on some Eggette Lab waffle...
2. Wednesday is chomping on Monzeter ice-cream, and
3. More ice cream on Friday with Jipangi.

Tuesday's hot snack with various flavours!

Wednesday's Premium Fried Ice Cream indulgence.

Friday's Korean street ice-cream which I have blogged about it HERE.

And yes, it's only RM 1...
Life just couldn't be any sweeter than this...

How to redeem your dessert at RM1?
You are just few steps away from the amazing RM1 deal.

Step 1: Download Seeties app:
Android: http://bit.do/seeties345
iOS: http://bit.do/seeties345B

Step 2Look out for the deal collection for that day (e.g. Wednesday RM1 @ 1pm)
*Deal collection will only appear for collect and redeem from 1pm - 2pm on the particular day.

Step 3: Collect the deal on the app
Step 4: Go to Sunway and swipe away to get your treat! Enjoy!

All thanks to Seeties, that's not all you can do at Sunway Pyramid, this app brings to you over 100 brands, discounts and deals to save your money when shopping there. Here are some of the merchants in Sunway Pyramid giving amazing deals via Seeties app:

Cotton On, MUJI, Crocs, Clarks, Carlorino,
DC Super Heroes, Typo, F.O.S, GAP

.....and many more to suit your interest, whether you are a food lover, gadget addict, shopaholic or even traveller. They are offering deals such as 50% Off, Buy 1 Free 1 and Special Student Promos.

Here are some of the BEST deals from Sunway Pyramid which interest me, and perhaps you too!

1. Free sample of Laura Mercier award winning Foundation Primer
2. Buy 1 free 1 Yankee Votive sampler by Yankee Candle
3. Buy 1 Free 1 For Purchase of any Beverage or Cakes by Tulip by That Latte Place
4. Buy 1 free 1 Body Perfect's Photothermolysis Hair Removal Therapy - Underarms by Body Perfect
5. 20% OFF On Any Purchase by Monzeter Premium Fried Ice Cream
6. Up to 70% discounts on fashion/accessories
7. 1 hour Clariancy Deep Pore Cleansing RM 28
(All deals are valid from 20th May onwards)

Honestly, there are just TOO MANY deals that I can't list them all out here.
You gotta find out more for yourselves, so don't forget to download Seeties app at:

More information available at:
Website: www.seeties.me


  1. oh good deal.. later i am there so can find some deals

  2. Yummy ! Looks good and surely value for money ;)

  3. Ooo I want that Egg Waffle! But I'm sure the queue would be epic long especially since it is a RM1 deal. I see they have deals for Yankee Candle too. Gonna check it out

  4. foodie like me can't resist this deal la! my diet plan goes down to the drain (again)...

  5. why...why 1pm?? :( oh well...hahhahaha thats a lot of deals...thanks dear for intro-ing the app..didn't know about it..

  6. What a great deal. Too bad 1pm normally I eat nearby my office area only.

  7. Wow this is a nice App! I will try when I'm in Pyramid

  8. Really a great deal. Just RM1 ? Will get it now.

  9. oh gosh... how awesome is that ... I must so go check it out.....

  10. OMG I like the eggette!! T.T Only in RM1 why is at Sunway Pyramid only because it was far from my place. Not always go there in weekends~~~

  11. Wow! So many promotions. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Omg! RM1 deal is a super good deal! I'm going for the ice cream soon! Hehe

  13. Was in pyramid that day just to get this! Super worth it! Been seeing the eggette lab so full of people lol


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